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Altered Gene - Cloud Employee Review

See Altered Gene's review of their experience in building their team of developers offshore with Cloud Employee.


Altered Gene

Company:  Altered Gene Ltd. 
Bio:  Altered Gene Ltd is a Unity developer licensed to develop for Android, iOS and Windows 10.
Location:  London, UK
Company Size:  2-10
Cloud Employee team:  1
Joined Cloud Employee:  June 2015


Senior Game Developer - Neil Tan Lee

The struggle to find skilled game developers and other specialised tech talents is usually a problem faced by startups and businesses due to the lack of local developers. Cloud Employee allows its clients to access a large pool of highly skilled Filipino developers making it easier to find the ideal developer.

Unlike other offshore providers, Cloud Employee creates and nurtures long-lasting partnerships. We value our partner’s response to our level of service and strive to make it better each day.

Altered Gene’s satisfactory feedback motivates us to do and serve better. Read Altered Gene’s experience with us.

“Finding reliable programmers with a passion for video games was difficult. Cloud Employee's quality of candidates, customer service, and contract terms are what most attracted me. Having been with them for 18 months now, I would be very happy to recommend them.”

Des Gayle, Video Game Producer, Altered Gene

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Altered Gene
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