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I have not worked with anyone from the Philippines before but we found the quality of the candidates and the quality of our staff to be really, really high.

- James Stringer, CleanLink Software

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Our vibrant offices keep our employees productive, engaged and positive at work.


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Cloud Employee is the UK’s leading outsourcing provider of the best Drupal Developers offshore. We connect companies like yours to the Philippines’ massive developer community so you can handpick the Drupal expert you want on your team conveniently fast.

When it comes to remote mobile app and web development, more than a hundred start-ups and tech firms choose Cloud Employee for a fast, innovative, and hassle-free offshoring experience.

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View Rolando's CV


Junior Drupal Developer
3 years of experience

A Web Developer with more than 3 years of working experience on PHP. Back End Developer with experience on PHP (CodeIgniter, Laravel), JavaScript (. . .

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View Peter's CV

Peter J.

Drupal Developer
4 years of experience

Over 2 years of experience in IT Industry with a year of experience in using Magento version 2 and Git. He also have three years of experience in usin. . .

View Peter's CV
View Edison's CV


Mid-level Drupal Developer
7 years of experience

Edison is a fantastic all round team player having a wealth of experience from his more than 5 years of Web Development experience working across mult. . .

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View Alexander's CV


Senior Drupal Developer
12 years of experience

Alexander is a fantastic all round team player having a wealth of experience from his more than 10 years of Web Development experience working across . . .

View Alexander's CV
View Rolando's CV


Junior Drupal Developers
3 years of experience

A Web Developer with more than 3 years of working experience on PHP. Back End Developer with experience on PHP (CodeIgniter, Laravel), JavaScript (. . .

View Rolando's CV

Hire Developers

How much is the usual rate for Drupal developers?

Portrayed below is a comparative illustration of the average annual and hourly local rates of Drupal developers for hire from four different countries. All information about annual and hourly rates are based on the Neuvoo website.


     Average Drupal Developer’s Annual Salary       Average Drupal Developer’s Hourly Rate   
   United Kingdom    GBP 38,956 GBP 19.98
   United States USD 97,500 USD 50.00
   Canada CAD 70,000 CAD 35.90
   Australia AUD 107,250 AUD 55.00


To be more efficient in operation costs and the recruitment process, a lot of new start-ups and established tech companies are using the services by IT outsourcing providers.


Here at Cloud Employee, we understand the need for businesses to find alternative solutions that effectively reduce costs and time without sacrificing their expanding operations. To make IT outsourcing in the United Kingdom and across the world more available, we offer competitive industry rates for the best offshore Drupal developers for hire in the shortest amount of time possible.


For more information about outsourcing developers for your next software projects, here’s a helpful blog about offshore developer rates.

What interview techniques should you use to hire the best Drupal developers?

Before deciding to choose the best-suited Drupal developers for hire, it’s important to note the goals of the interview is to effectively gauge the candidate’s ability and in-depth understanding within the limited time given.


Here are some insightful and highly suggested interview questions and techniques that you can apply to determine the best Drupal developers for hire.


Asks pre-designed questions that help you evaluate more effectively
It’s important to ask the candidates to describe their recent project in detail. You can easily determine two important points with this method:


One, asking them questions about the technicalities of their past projects; such as: how they maintained their previous client’s Drupal website to work smoothly, and how they went about troubleshooting any problems that arose throughout the duration of their project. This helps assess how well the interviewee explained the technical concepts, and how understandable it is from a non-technical person’s viewpoint.


Two, asking questions in an open-ended format enables them to speak more freely and for as long as they comfortably could. This helps to assess their communication skills and another layer of the candidate that isn’t written on his, or her, resume. Another important thing to take note of the non-verbal cues exhibited throughout the interview. Even as developers, who are often quiet and possibly shy, being communicable is still an important trait given in any working environment. These cues also help assess the developer’s interpersonal skills by observing their body language, frequency in eye contact, posture, and the use of hand gestures. It essentially determines the candidate’s level of confidence and how comfortable they are interacting with other people, especially during a presentation.


Conduct Technical Tests
Conducting technical tests is the most practical and surefire way to effectively assess the depth of their knowledge, experience, critical thinking and problem-solving skills in building and maintaining a Drupal website. It’s strongly encouraged to let them take online programming tests as this will help expedite the interview process. It’s important to be thorough and efficient when surveying which of your candidates are the most promising. It’s only practical to hire someone who is much more qualified, not only at face value, skilled Drupal developers for hire knows how to assess a problem before they do troubleshooting is one to always take note of.


Here are some sample questions that you can ask your candidates.


Q: What is PDO? Kindly explain

A: PDO is an abbreviation for PHP Data Objects. It is a consistent way to access your databases and helps developers write code a lot easier. It acts like a data access layer that utilizes a unified API. Drupal provides a database abstraction layer, which helps the developer work with easy with multi-database servers. It is used to preserve the syntax and power of SQL and work with complex functionalities. It equips a defined interface for dynamic queries with the use of security checks and good practices.


Q: What is the work of Caching in a Drupal website? Kindly explain.

A: Caching helps speed up the website’s performance and expedites the loading time of the pages. There are four types of caching:


  1. Page caching. It is used for anonymous users and enables the entire HTML page to be stored in a database that reduces the number of queries required.
  2. Block caching. It is only used when it is enabled; it is created and set through cache settings.
  3. Minimum cache lifetime. It is the amount of time before the page cache is cleared. It’s important to note that page caches get cleared on each cron run.
  4. Expiration of cached pages. It applies for an eternal mechanism like the browser cache. This setting will only take effect the page cache is enabled.


Q: What is the “hook” system in Drupal. How and why do you use it?

A: Drupal’s hook system is essentially a mechanism for implementing custom features without needing to make any modifications to the Drupal core. There are specific places where the Drupal core can invoke custom functions defined in modules to enhance the functionality of the core. These places are referred to as “hooks” and have a well-defined interface.


Hooks make it possible, for example, for a module to define new URLs and pages within a site (hook_menu), to add content to pages (hook_block, hook_footer, etc.), set up custom database tables (hook_schema), and so on.


Let’s say you want to change the core “Contact” form. To do so, you can implement hook_form_alter in your custom module and provide any custom functionality that you’d like in that function. Drupal will check all form_alter hooks in all modules, so your hook will be picked up and your custom code will be applied to the “Contact Form”.


So overall, Drupal hooks are just functions defined per the Drupal standards that allow you to extend Drupal and alter or extend core functionality without modifying any core code.


Q: What are “nodes” in a Drupal system. Kindly explain. 

A: All content on a Drupal website is stored and treated as “nodes”. A node is any piece of individual content (e.g., a page, article, forum topic, blog entry, etc.). Note, though, that comments are not stored as nodes but are always connected to a node.


The ability to create different “content types” on a Drupal website allows you to have different kinds of nodes for different purposes. For example, an “article” is one content type, a “book page” is another, and a “blog entry” yet another. You can also create new content types of your own.


Treating all content as nodes provide a great deal of flexibility that facilitates and simplifies creating new types of content. It also makes it easy to apply new features or changes to all content of a particular type.

How can Cloud Employee help you?

As one of the best IT offshore service provider, Cloud Employee helps both start-ups and large companies, from across the globe, realize their business goals through outsourcing the best tech talents here in the Philippines. As your partner, we help you connect with skilled offshore Drupal developers for hire with our simple, fast and risk-free processes.


To start the recruitment of the best offshore Drupal developers for hire, simply contact us and send your IT staff requirements, such as your preferred level of technical knowledge and skills, and years of experience to name a few. Our team of dedicated recruitment officers conduct a custom local search for the best Drupal developers for hire and endorse a shortlist of the most skilled and highly qualified candidates. From that list, you can personally handpick who gets to advance through extensive interviews and tests that assess their technical skills. Once you’re satisfied with the results of the assessment phase, you choose which of the best candidates will become a part of your team and our custom recruitment process will help you hire your desired offshore team with no recruitment fees.


Your offshore Drupal development team works exclusively for you and at mirrored working hours as if they are a part of your in-house developer team. This makes sure that your offshore development team becomes an effective member of your tech project.


As your dependable partner in outsourcing, our services extend beyond the recruitment process. We assure that your offshore Drupal developers are provided with full daily IT support, the required software, hardware and fast internet connectivity here at our modern offices that guarantee your team gets the work done. Cloud Employee also handles general human resources and admin matters, back-office tasks, licensing permits, payroll taxes so you can prioritize managing your team and essentially your company’s growth.

What is the dedicated hiring model?

The Dedicated Hiring Model smoothly integrates the dedicated offshore team you choose with your existing in-house development team, basically reducing the chances of any miscommunication and allowing the offshore Drupal developers to become a part of the project’s design and architecture.


Because of its flexibility, it’s considered as one of the best engagement models. You can request for tech talents, resources, and types of equipment at any given time corresponding to the requirements of the project. The Dedicated Hiring Model allows the in-house team to scale up or down with ease.


Another thing to remember is the payment method. It’s now more convenient for you, you would only have to pay once which already includes the offshore team member’s monthly salary and the outsourcing provider’s service fee.




  • Perfect for a long-term project, especially for those with constantly changing project scopes and undefined specifications.
  • Predictable budget despite an indefinite project scope.
  • You will have full access and control over the whole recruitment process, selection of candidates, and management of the offshore team.
  • Product quality can be monitored, assessed and guaranteed.
  • The offshore team gains more in-depth knowledge and understanding of the client’s objectives, goals, standards, and expectations.
  • The offshore team exclusively works for you throughout the project scope.


The Dedicated Hiring Model is perfect for businesses that:


  • Prefer to work with dedicated Drupal developers for their current and upcoming future projects.
  • Prefer to reduce expenses in terms of searching for specific talents, and the recruitment process.
  • Require flexibility in a team’s workload and scalability especially during the project’s development.


At Cloud Employee, your dedicated team of Drupal developers is dedicated to you and mirrors your preferred working hours. This means that both you and the offshore development team can work together at the same time, and ultimately reduce any miscommunication issues and foreseeable inconveniences. Your offshore Drupal team can also use your preferred software, tools, and standards, making them a more effective part of your team.


Combining the Dedicated Hiring Model and Cloud Employee’s extensive experience in the IT outsourcing industry, we came up with a business model that is truly unique and effective. This business model has simplified the recruitment process, made working practices more flexible, and bridged the gap between in-house and offshore teams, all for a competitive industry rate. We believe that our business model works better than any of its IT outsourcing competition.

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How many hours do you want the developer to dedicate to working with you?

What skillsets are you looking to hire?

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