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I have not worked with anyone from the Philippines before but we found the quality of the candidates and the quality of our staff to be really, really high.

- James Stringer, CleanLink Software

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Our vibrant offices keep our employees productive, engaged and positive at work.


Beyond Offshoring

Cloud Employee is the UK’s leading outsourcing provider of the best Zend Developers offshore. We connect companies like yours to the Philippines’ massive developer community so you can handpick the Zend expert you want on your team conveniently fast.

When it comes to remote mobile app and web development, more than a hundred start-ups and tech firms choose Cloud Employee for a fast, innovative, and hassle-free offshoring experience.

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View Ophelia's CV


Mid-level Zend Developer
4 years of experience

Ophelia is a web developer with extensive knowledge in Zend, PHP, Javascript, jQuery, Wordpress, MySQL, and Laravel. Aside from her 4 years of industr. . .

View Ophelia's CV
View Ryland's CV


Junior Zend Developer
2 years of experience

Ryland is very enthusiastic and passionate about programming. As a web developer, he is knowledgeable and highly adept with Zend, HTML5, CSS3, PHP and. . .

View Ryland's CV
View Oliver's CV

Oliver A.

Senior Zend Developer
7 years of experience

Oliver Atticus is a software developer with over 7 years of experience in the IT industry. He is proficient in developments using Zend, PHP, Symfony 2. . .

View Oliver's CV
View Imogen's CV

Imogen R.

Zend Developer
2 years of experience

Imogen has in-depth knowledge and experience as a software engineer. She is dedicated to streamlining processes and efficiently resolving project issu. . .

View Imogen's CV
View Ophelia's CV


Mid-level Zend Developers
4 years of experience

Ophelia is a web developer with extensive knowledge in Zend, PHP, Javascript, jQuery, Wordpress, MySQL, and Laravel. Aside from her 4 years of industr. . .

View Ophelia's CV

Hire Developers

What is the usual rate for Zend developers?

Below is a summary of the average annual local rates of Zend developers from four countries, namely: the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, and Australia. All information is gathered from Payscale.


     Average Zend Developer Annual Salary       Average Zend Developer Hourly Rate   
   United Kingdom    GBP 39,000 GBP 26
   United States USD 79,000 USD 35
   Canada CAD 49,935 CAD 25.28
   Australia AUD 60,684 AUD 30


Startups, companies, and organisations which are looking to reduce costs on operation and recruitment are turning to other options such as IT outsourcing.


As the UK’s leading IT outsourcing provider, Cloud Employee understands the need for businesses to find alternative hiring solutions to support and expand their operations. We answer the talent shortage in the UK, the US, and other Western countries by linking them to skilled Zend developers offshore at competitive industry rates in as fast as two weeks.  


For more information on the average offshore rates, here is a guide to the offshore developer rates from different outsourcing regions.

What interview techniques should you use to hire the best Zend developer?

Q: Which version of PHP does Zend Framework require?

A: Zend Framework requires PHP 5.2.4+. It uses all of the object-oriented features of PHP 5.2.4 as well as the advantages of prominent security and performance enhancements.

Q: Zend Framework is based on what version of PHP?

A: Zend Framework 3 depends on PHP 5.6 and up and is optimised for PHP 7.

Q: What is the minimum PHP version required to run Zend Framework 2?

A: To run Zend Framework 2, PHP 5.3 or above is required.

Q: What are the default methods provided by decorators in the Zend framework?

A: Decorators provide the functionality and make components work. The default methods they provide in the Zend framework are the following:

  • ViewHelper - a strategy that allows the review of the helper files used. View Helper permits the replacement of the substance that is being given.
  • Errors - gives the error messages and code that appears during execution of an application.
  • Description - often used for tooltips, this renders any description attached to the element.
  • HTMLTag - decreases the length of the code. This enables the labels to be written using parameters and attributes.
  • Label - renders the label wrapped in a <dt> tag.


Q: What is the major difference between Zend_Auth and Zend_Acl?
Here are some significant differences:

  • Zend_Auth is an authentication process (the process of checking whether credentials are valid). Zend_Acl is an authorisation process (the process of checking the role of the user).
  • To provide validation, Zend_Auth uses methods like OpenID, LDAP, and HTTP; to provide approval to roles, Zend_Acl utilises Access Control List.
  • Zend_Auth provides validation protocol to clients using numerous methods, while Zend_Acl is utilised for the purpose of approval.
  • Zend_Auth is utilised in verifying that the provided credentials are valid, while Zend_Acl is used so that the system is only accessible to the users who are authorised.

How can Cloud Employee help you?

Cloud Employee is the UK’s leading offshore service provider connecting startups and tech firms across the globe to expert Zend developers in the Philippines. As your reliable outsourcing partner, we help you hire offshore Zend developers without the risks and added costs of traditional outsourcing.  


Begin by sending us your staffing requirements. Our dedicated recruitment team then conducts sourcing of skilled Zend developers who meet your criteria. We get back to you with a shortlist of candidate CVs for you to screen. You personally select the developers you want to interview or conduct technical tests with. Throughout the process, we help you hire the Zend developer you want at no recruitment fees.


Once hired, your dedicated Zend developer works exclusively for you, following your business hours and using your tools and standards.


While you and your offshore developer focus on your business, Cloud Employee takes care of licensing, taxes, payroll, HR, and general admin. We also provide your offshore developer with high-spec hardware and software and high-speed internet connection here at our modern offices.


For your web development needs, hire offshore Zend developers with us! Our expert Zend developers are also experienced in PHP, MySQL, Symfony, SQL, PHPUnit test, WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Shopify, and WooCommerce.

What is the dedicated developer model?

In the dedicated developer model, clients are provided with the tech talents, equipment, and resources based solely on their project’s requirements. The client pays a single sum of money which constitutes the team member’s monthly salary and the outsourcing provider’s fee.


The biggest benefit of the dedicated hiring model is that it integrates the outsourced teams into your in-house team seamlessly; your dedicated outsourced team becomes an effective extension of your in-house team as they follow only your processes and methodologies.



  • Good for long-term projects even with unclear requirements and frequently changing project scope
  • Predictable budget even without a definite project scope
  • Client has full control over the recruitment, selection, and management of their outsourced dedicated team, thus quality can be easily monitored and assured
  • Outsourced team gains a good understanding of the client’s objectives and expectations
  • The outsourced team exclusively works for the client


In what cases is it best to use the dedicated outsourcing business model?

  • If the client prefers to have a dedicated team to work on the project
  • If the client would like to cut down on search and recruitment expenses
  • If the project requires flexibility in terms of workload and scalability during its development


Your dedicated Zend developer with Cloud Employee works 100% exclusively for you at your preferred time zone. They also use your preferred tools and standards, making them an effective extension of your in-house team.


After signing your outsourced Zend developer with us, you now have a dedicated Zend developer working exclusively for you at your preferred time zone. You avoid communication issues and inconveniences as you can work together at the same time.


Our dedicated developer model, combined with Cloud Employee’s broad experience in the IT outsourcing industry, has made the hiring process and the outsourcing experience significantly easier, hassle-free, and risk-free for startups and SMEs compared to traditional IT outsourcing.

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How many hours do you want the developer to dedicate to working with you?

What skillsets are you looking to hire?

When do you need your developer to start ?