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I have not worked with anyone from the Philippines before but we found the quality of the candidates and the quality of our staff to be really, really high.

- James Stringer, CleanLink Software

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Cloud Employee is the UK’s leading outsourcing provider of the best Erlang Developers offshore. We connect companies like yours to the Philippines’ massive developer community so you can handpick the Erlang expert you want on your team conveniently fast.

When it comes to remote mobile app and web development, more than a hundred start-ups and tech firms choose Cloud Employee for a fast, innovative, and hassle-free offshoring experience.

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View Matt's CV


Junior Erlang Developer
5 years of experience

Has 3 years involvement in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC),  system design, database design, implementation, software development and customi. . .

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Mid-level Erlang Developer
6 years of experience

A competent professional with 4 years of experience in Software Development, Application Maintenance and Client Servicing, Project Execution and Team . . .

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View Tommy's CV


Senior Erlang Developer
9 years of experience

Tommy has 7 years of experience in Software development. He has in-depth knowledge of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) including project managem. . .

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View Drake's CV


Erlang Developer
3 years of experience

Results-oriented Fullstack developer offering extensive experience in design and layout for 2 years in Front end Development Highly educated in variou. . .

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View Matt's CV


Junior Erlang Developers
5 years of experience

Has 3 years involvement in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC),  system design, database design, implementation, software development and customi. . .

View Matt's CV

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How much is the usual rate for Erlang developers?

Portrayed below is a comparative illustration of the average annual and hourly local rates of Erlang developers from four different countries. All information about annual and hourly rates are based on the Neuvoo website.


     Average Erlang Developer's Annual Salary       Average Erlang Developer's Hourly Rate   
   United Kingdom    GBP 65,000 GBP 33.33
   United States USD 136,500 USD 70.00
   Canada CAD 37,050 CAD 19.00


To be more efficient in operation costs and the recruitment process, a lot of new startups and established tech firms are using the services by IT outsourcing providers.


Here at Cloud Employee, we understand the need for businesses to find alternative solutions that effectively reduce costs and time without sacrificing their expanding operations. To make IT outsourcing in the United Kingdom and throughout the globe more accessible, we offer competitive industry rates for hiring the best offshore Erlang developers in the fastest amount of time possible.


For more information about outsourcing developers for your next software project, here’s a helpful blog about offshore developer rates.

What interview techniques should you use to hire the best Erlang developers?

When hiring the best Erlang developers, it’s important to always remember your goal for the interview. It’s to evaluate your potential candidate’s skills and understanding within the window time of the interview.


Here are some helpful tips for interview questions and techniques that you can apply to determine the best Erlang developer for you and your tech project.


Always ask questions aimed for effective assessment

It’s important to ask questions to the interviewee that can help you assess them with a standard gauge already in mind. Your queries should help you assess if the candidate meets and possibly exceed said criteria. Based on their answers, do they have similar beliefs that align with your company’s culture, values, and goals; do they meet the required competencies and expectations of the role as an Erlang developer for your tech project.


You can easily determine important points by simply asking the interviewees. Know the level of their in-depth knowledge and understanding of Erlang. It’s strongly encouraged to ask about their most recent projects like this a way to know the practical application of their technical skills. Also, note how they talk about their recent project and how well do the Erlang developer candidates explain concepts that aren’t understandable to non-technical people.


Also, note their communication skills. It’s a common stereotype that developers are quite shy and very quiet, these are often correlated to the nature of their profession. Regardless of these sweeping misconceptions about developers, a person’s communication skills are still very important as these help in a lot of misunderstanding and problems that could possibly arise in the future. Pay close attention to the non-verbal cues exhibited by the interviewees through the Erlang developers throughout the interview session. A few things to always take note of is the tone of voice, body language, their posture, frequency in eye contact, and their use of hand gestures. It indicates how comfortable they are with interaction and how they handle being the centre of attention when presenting something. Their soft skills are still equally important as this maintains a good working relationship with you and to both of your in-house and offshore development teams.


Conduct technical tests

For any highly technical position, such as an Erlang developer, it’s strongly encouraged to hold online programming tests for them as these further assess their depth of knowledge, experience, and critical thinking skills through real-time practical application.


By the end of these tests and interviews, choosing your Erlang developer candidate who is more qualified than at face value will always be the wisest choice as they should be able to assess any problem that arises, effectively troubleshoot and be communicable when the problem is more complex and requires help.


Here are some sample questions that you can ask your candidates.


Q: How run-time error is handled in Erlang?

A: It is possible to prevent run-time errors and other exceptions from causing the process to terminate by using Catch or Try. Catch Expr returns the value of expression unless an exception occurs during the evaluation. Try Exprs is the enhancement of catch with the ability to identify the exception class and choose to handle the desired one.


Q: Name the datatypes that Erlang provides?

A: Erlang provides two datatypes;

  • Constant data types. These types of data types cannot be split into more primitive subtypes. It consists of Numbers and Atoms.
  • Compound data types. These types of data types are used to group together with other types of data types. It consists of tuples and lists.


Q: Kindly explain, what is a record and how you can define records in Erlang?

A: The following explains what a record is and defines how it is used in Erlang;

  • For storing a fixed number of elements, a data structure is used which is referred to a record. Expressions are translated into tuple expressions during compilation record.
  • Record in Erlang is defined by the name of the record, followed by the field names of the record. Record and field names must be atoms.
  • Example: record (Name, { Field1 [= Value] , … FieldN [= ValueN] } )


Q: Kindly explain, what is Spawn/ 1l3 and Spawn_link 1l3?

A: The following explains what is Spawn/ 1I3 and defines what is Spawn_link 1l3 in Erlang;

  • Spawn/ 1l3: It creates a new process and returns its pid. In the system scheduler queue, the new process is placed so that it runs some time later.
  • Spawn_link/1l3: It provides the same functionality as spawn/1l3 but with the addition of a link that is atomically created between the newly spawned process and the caller.

How can Cloud Employee help you?

Here at Cloud Employee, a leading IT outsourcing firm, we bridge the gap between startups and small-medium enterprises (SMEs) across the world to experienced Erlang developers in the Philippines. We help you find and hire offshore Erlang developers without the risks and hassle.


To start, simply send us your requirements and necessary skill sets of your desired offshore Erlang developer. Our team of dedicated recruiters do a tailored search based on your expressed requirements to help you find the best-suited team of Erlang developers. After that, we give a suggested list of pre-screened candidates, and from there, you can choose which of the Erlang developers do you want to further interview and conduct technical tests with. Your involvement in the recruitment process enables you to choose and hire your ideal offshore Erlang developer.


Once hired and a part of your in-house team, your offshore Erlang developer works directly for you, under your standards, and at mirrored hours from our Philippines-based offices.


All the while, Cloud Employee ensures that you and your ideal offshore Erlang development team can smoothly work together despite the distance. We provide your employed offshore Erlang developers with a clean and comfortable designated workspace, with full daily IT support, and fast internet connection. In addition, we also handle matters such as HR, general administrative functions, and back-office tasks so you can prioritise on your tech project.


Erlang capacity to support hot swapping and fault-tolerant systems makes it useful for immensely scalable real-time systems. With Cloud Employee, you can hire offshore Erlang developers who are also skilled in Elixir, Phoenix, PHP, Python, Scala and other related technologies.

What is the dedicated hiring model?

The Dedicated Hiring Model integrates the dedicated offshore team you choose with your existing in-house development team, basically reducing the chances of any project’s design and architecture.


Because of its flexible nature, it’s considered as one of the best engagement models. You can request for tech talents, resources, and types of equipment at any given time corresponding to the requirements of the project. The Dedicated Hiring Model allows the in-house team to scale up or down with ease.


Another thing to remember is the payment method. It’s now more convenient for you, you would only have to pay once which already includes the offshore team member’s monthly salary and the outsourcing provider’s service fee.



  • Perfect for long-term project, especially for those with constantly changing project scopes and undefined specifications.
  • Predictable budget despite an indefinite project scope.
  • You will have full access and control over the whole recruitment process, selection of candidates, and management of the offshore team.
  • Product quality can be monitored, assessed and guaranteed.
  • The offshore team gains more in-depth knowledge and understanding of the client’s objectives, goals, standards, and expectations.
  • The offshore team exclusively works for you throughout the project scope.


The Dedicated Hiring Model is perfect for businesses that:

  • Prefer to work with dedicated Drupal developers for their current and upcoming future projects.
  • Prefer to reduce expenses in terms of searching for specific talents, and the recruitment process.
  • Require flexibility in a team’s workload and scalability especially during the project’s development.


At Cloud Employee, your dedicated team of Drupal developers is dedicated to you and mirrors your preferred working hours. This means that both you and the offshore development team can work together at the same time, and ultimately reduce any miscommunication issues and foreseeable inconveniences. Your offshore Drupal team can also use your preferred software, tools, and standards, making them a more effective part of your team.


Combining the Dedicated Hiring Model and Cloud Employee’s extensive experience in the IT outsourcing industry, we came up with a business model that is truly unique and effective. This business model has simplified the recruitment process, made working practices more flexible, and bridged the gap between in-house and offshore teams, all for a competitive industry rate. We believe that our business model works better than any of its IT outsourcing competition.

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How many hours do you want the developer to dedicate to working with you?

What skillsets are you looking to hire?

When do you need your developer to start ?