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Save up to 65% with our Dedicated Developer model


In today's market, most companies are looking to reduce their cost on staffing, without compromising on quality. This can be extremely difficult in the local market as demand is extremely high which pushes developers rates upwards.

The Cloud Employee solution allows you to do just that: save on cost and hire highly skilled software developers in the Philippines, without having to compromise on quality and allowing you to keep control of your development team and methods.

How Cloud Employee helps you save up to 65% with our easy dedicated developer model.

  • No IT recruitment fees

Our experienced IT recruiters and account managers take your requirements and fully screen all candidates before sending CV’s, portfolios and test results to you.

  • No costs to set up your own offshore office

We provide all our dedicated developers with top-notch workspaces housed in our cool development offices.  Each of our offices includes high-speed Internet connection, conference rooms and VoIP phones, as well as kitchen and lounge areas. Setting up offshore operations is a costly business with steep learning curves and expensive mistakes. Cloud Employee takes all of that worry and cost away.

  • Lower labour cost

Software developers from the Philippines are highly educated and comparable with their western counterparts. Salaries are lower in the Philippines due to the lower cost of living, which enables you to save on labour costs when you hire IT staff through Cloud Employee.

  • Access to the top skilled outsourced software developers

With over 100,000 developers in our database, Cloud Employee provides IT clients with the best selection of developers to fill their IT recruitment needs. Hiring the best Developers locally can be an extremely difficult when competing with larger corporations that are able to offer tempting salaries and benefits. This results in Developers expectations rising to unaffordable and unrealistic amounts for smaller businesses and start-ups.

The Cloud Employee dedicated software developer or development team model helps save companies up to 65% versus hiring locally, allowing companies to avoid compromising on quality while maintaining full control and choice on who to hire.

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