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I have not worked with anyone from the Philippines before but we found the quality of the candidates and the quality of our staff to be really, really high.

- James Stringer, CleanLink Software

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Our vibrant offices keep our employees productive, engaged and positive at work.


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Cloud Employee is the UK’s leading outsourcing provider of the best Joomla Developers offshore. We connect companies like yours to the Philippines’ massive developer community so you can handpick the Joomla expert you want on your team conveniently fast.

When it comes to remote mobile app and web development, more than a hundred start-ups and tech firms choose Cloud Employee for a fast, innovative, and hassle-free offshoring experience.

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View Olexey's CV


Mid-level Joomla Developer
5 years of experience

With years of professional experience in full-stack development, he has mastered a number of technologies, and proficient in a range of computer syste. . .

View Olexey's CV
View Viktor's CV


Joomla Developer
9 years of experience

He has years of working experience in development—he is most passionate for content management system (CMS) work. Viktor is a Certified Scrum Master; . . .

View Viktor's CV
View Rai's CV


Senior Joomla Developer
8 years of experience

He is passionate about software development; making every effort to keep his skills sharp and learn new technologies. Rai has excellent communication . . .

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View Hugo's CV


Junior Joomla Developer
3 years of experience

A web developer with years of experience on back-end development; knowledgeable in using open sources. Hugo has excellent leadership skills, is a team. . .

View Hugo's CV
View Olexey's CV


Mid-level Joomla Developers
5 years of experience

With years of professional experience in full-stack development, he has mastered a number of technologies, and proficient in a range of computer syste. . .

View Olexey's CV

Hire Developers

What is the usual rate for Joomla developers? 

The cost of your Joomla development project will depend on the complexity and size of your website, its functions and features, the project duration, and the level of expertise you need. Even so, there are cost estimates and similar guides available online which you can use for reference.


Here’s a quick table comparing the average annual salaries and hourly rates of Joomla developers from the UK, the US, Canada, and Australia. These figures are gathered from PayScale.


     Average Joomla Developer Annual Salary       Average Joomla Developer Hourly Rate   
   United Kingdom    GBP 28,363 GBP 19.24
   United States USD 49,495 USD 25.78
   Canada CAD 50,130 CAD 24.81
   Australia AUD 61,445 AUD 30


Companies from startups to large firms are now looking for more cost-efficient and quick alternatives to hire the tech talent they need. Although hiring locally is the conventional method to do this, businesses are now opting to partner with IT outsourcing providers for their staffing needs.


With Cloud Employee as your IT outsourcing partner, we help you find highly-skilled Joomla developers for hire at competitive industry rates, allowing you to build a great offshore development team while cutting down on overhead costs. For more information on our offshore developer rates, you can check out this blog. 

What interview techniques should you use to hire the best Joomla developer?

The first thing that you should remember before you head into your interviews with your candidates is that it’s not enough to ask difficult questions. Rather, you should strive to ask significant questions—the kind of questions that will help you properly gauge a Joomla developer’s ability and get a feel of their personality within a short period of time.


After asking the introductory questions to get to know a candidate’s background, previous work experiences, and their work ethics, it is highly recommended that you also conduct technical tests to assess what your applicant can do. Remember that you shouldn’t hire Joomla developers who only know the concepts, you must hire someone who applies them and uses them in his/her work.


With that being said, below you will find sample technical questions you can ask applicants for your Joomla development project:


Q: What are Joomla modules?

A: Modules are small content items which can be shown anywhere through the module manager in the administrative interface, and they extend the capabilities of Joomla by adding new functionality to the software.


Modules are installed in the Admin Section, and they may include the following: 


  • Main Menu
  • Top menu 
  • Template Chooser 
  • Polls
  • Newsflash 
  • Hit Counter


Q: What are mambots and plugins? 

A: A Mambot is a small, task-oriented function, mini-program, or plugin that modifies content before it is displayed. They are also used to manipulate content, extend site search, add functionality, and more.


In Joomla! 1.5, mambots are renamed “plugins”; additionally, some third-party components, modules, and mambots themselves now have plugins.


Q: Name the files required to build a module?


  • mod_module_name.php
  • mod_module_name.xml


Q: Name the files required to build a component in Joomla.

On the admin side:


  • component_name.xml
  • install.component_name.php
  • uninstall.component_name.php
  • toolbar.component_name.php
  • uninstall.component_name.html.php
  • admin.component_name.php
  • admin.component_name.html.php
  • component_name.class.php


On the front side,


  • component_name.php
  • component_name.html.php

How can Cloud Employee help you?

Cloud Employee is a UK-managed IT outsourcing company giving startups, SMEs and tech firms access to the deep pool of IT talent in the Philippines. Outsourcing is proven to minimise operating costs while maximising profits. When you hire offshore Joomla developers with us, you avoid the risks and uncertainties of traditional outsourcing.


We help you find Joomla developers for hire fast and easy with no recruitment fees. Simply send us your job specifications, and our team searches for candidates who meet your criteria. We get back to you with a list of pre-screened candidate CVs. From this list, you personally select the Joomla developer you want to interview and do a technical test with. Our custom-recruitment process helps you find the best Joomla developers in only 2-4 weeks.


Once hired, you now have a dedicated Joomla developer working exclusively for you. Our developers report directly to you from our modern offices in the Philippines, and they also use only your preferred tools and standards.


As your IT outsourcing partner, we take care of HR, payroll, hiring legalities, and regular evaluation of your outsourced developers. We also make sure that your Joomla developer is provided with the necessary equipment and a designated workplace to get the job done.


With Cloud Employee’s extensive database, we help you find the Joomla developer for your needs. Our Joomla developers are skilled in WordPress, Drupal, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other related technologies.

What is the dedicated developer model?

You can find Joomla developers for hire with Cloud Employee. We always strive to provide quality outsourcing services to our clients. To do this, we employ the Dedicated Hiring Model in which the tech talents we provide for startups and organisations are not just outsourced developers—we call them dedicated developers.


The dedicated developers you hire with us will work 100% exclusively for you and your project. This means that they report directly to you, use only your processes, tools, and standards, and most importantly, mirror your working hours.


With all of these features, the dedicated hiring model is considered to be the best engagement model because of the flexibility and scalability it offers. Your Joomla development team at Cloud Employee grows with your business—we’re ready to scale your team according to your requirements any time you require it.


To top it all off, we make sure you only pay for the services you avail; you only have to pay a single sum of money which already covers the offshore team member’s monthly salary and the outsourcing provider’s fee.




  • Ideal for short-term projects with definite project scope, as well as long-term projects  with a constantly changing scope and undetermined project specifications
  • You gain total control and participation in the whole process from the interviews to the actual management of your outsourced Joomla developer or development team
  • The outsourced team reports directly to you and follows the standards you set for quality assessment
  • You gain a dedicated Joomla developer or development team whose time and attention aren’t divided; with this, they are more engaged in your expectations, targets, and goals


Cloud Employee has helped more than a hundred startups, SMEs and blue-chip companies from all over the world to build their highly-effective offshore development team with this client-oriented model. Further, we are also able to reduce the risks of miscommunication and other disadvantages commonly found in traditional outsourcing setups.


To help startups who are struggling in the competition with bigger businesses to hire great tech talents, we offer all these services and benefits at competitive industry rates—you can check out some of our pricing schemes in this page.

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How many hours do you want the developer to dedicate to working with you?

What skillsets are you looking to hire?

When do you need your developer to start ?