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Why Our Model Works Better Than IT Outsourcing


With over 20 years experience in the IT and outsourcing industry, Cloud Employee has created an extremely simple and streamlined model that has proven results in what can be a very competitive market with varying levels of success for companies needing to outsource IT staff.

Cloud Employee provides its clients with direct access to dedicated software developers who become an extension of their local team. We take you through the process as if you were hiring locally with the added benefit of access to the deep and rich IT talent pool in the Philippines. Instead of outsourcing projects to multiple unknown and unscreened developers, with our offshore model you are part of the entire recruitment and selection process and in complete control of choosing the person that is best for you.

Here are a few of the differences between Cloud Employee and IT outsourcing.

Hiring Process

Cloud Employee

All our clients are an integral part of the hiring process. We take the job specifications and source and screen a selection of the best-suited candidates for your requirements. You will be the one to interview, evaluate their technical skills, and ultimately make the decision on hiring. This ensures that the person who will be part of your team has the skills and attitude the role requires.

General IT Outsourcing

You choose the outsourcing company, however typically select them after only speaking with their sales department rather than the actual developers that would be working on your project. This is a big risk, as you have no control or idea of who will be working on your project, if they have the right skills and attitude, understand the goal of the project and if they would be able to deliver what you really want in the way you want it.

Communication Practices

Cloud Employee

You communicate directly with your own developer, setting tasks, goals and ensuring they are aware what is required from them. You create your own reporting procedures, just as if they are in your own office. This gives you complete control and removes chances of miscommunication problems that may arise, resulting in better efficiency and a higher standard of work.

General IT Outsourcing

You rarely have direct access to the developer doing the work. Common channels of communication are via an account manager or project manager meaning the worker is getting second-hand information, leaving it open to multiple misunderstandings and errors.

Working Practices

Cloud Employee

You create your own work practices including software-reporting systems, meeting times, deliverables, and standards allowing you complete control of your own staff and expectations.

General IT Outsourcing

Outsourcing companies have their own procedures and skill-sets which means you are limited to working to their methods which may not be right for you or your projects.

Teamwork and Productivity

Cloud Employee

The developer joins our company to work directly for you so feels part of your team from the start, making it much easier to motivate. They take pride in their work when understanding your company’s goals and ambitions and enjoy feeling a part of something bigger. This results in career satisfaction, which means they want to work with you to achieve the best results possible.

General IT outsourcing

As you normally have little or no contact with the developer working on your project, you are often simply are another numbered client to them and often have no knowledge of your vision or work ethos.


Cloud Employee

A simple monthly cost includes your developer’s salary, benefits, office space, equipment, HR services, account manager and After Care team. Your developer works for you full time so it is easy to budget for, but without the long-term commitment or risk of redundancy payouts and legal obligations.

General IT Outsourcing

You will pay for all aspects of the project: coding hours spent, talking to a project manager and any quick changes that are required, leaving you no control over your budget and deadlines, and a real uncertainty to what your monthly bill will be.

The Cloud Employee model is designed for companies looking to hire ongoing, full time staff rather than for short-term projects or ad-hoc work. For a company that needs some tweaks to a single WordPress website, other options may be more suitable. However, for tech-focused businesses that encounter the difficulties of trying to find talent locally within a budget, a more customised service is needed.

If you need to build your IT department yet do not want the cost, legal implications, and learning curves of trying to set up your own offshore facility, the Cloud Employee model is by far the best and safest option. We understand the marketplace, know exactly what works and what doesn’t, and most importantly, our ultimate goal is to support and help grow your business.

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