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I have not worked with anyone from the Philippines before but we found the quality of the candidates and the quality of our staff to be really, really high.

- James Stringer, CleanLink Software

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Cloud Employee is the UK’s leading outsourcing provider of the best QA Testers offshore. We connect companies like yours to the Philippines’ massive developer community so you can handpick the QA expert you want on your team conveniently fast.

When it comes to remote mobile app and web development, more than a hundred start-ups and tech firms choose Cloud Employee for a fast, innovative, and hassle-free offshoring experience.

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View John's CV

John S.

Junior QA Tester
3 years of experience

Salvador has more than 3 years of experience in Software Testing High level of expertise in Documentation, Specification and Requirements rev. . .

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View Madeline's CV


Mid-level QA Tester
5 years of experience

Madeline has experience in Manual Testing/Functional Testing for almost six years both for Windows and Web Applications, with strong background in SDL. . .

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View Ellie's CV

Ellie J.

Mid-level QA Tester
6 years of experience

Ellie Jane has over 6 years of solid Software Quality Assurance experience in full System development Life Cycle focused on Web, Mobile and API applic. . .

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View Graciela's CV


Senior QA Tester
13 years of experience

Graciela has worked with different industries including banking, airline, insurance, telecommunications and IT outsourcing firms. She has comprehensiv. . .

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View John's CV

John S.

Junior QA Testers
3 years of experience

Salvador has more than 3 years of experience in Software Testing High level of expertise in Documentation, Specification and Requirements rev. . .

View John's CV

Hire Developers

How much is the usual rate for QA Testers?

How much would it cost to hire QA testers? Below is a table comparing different rates for QA testers from four different Western countries. The following rates are based on figures from ITJobsWatch, ZipRecruiter, Neuvoo, and PayScale.


     Average QA Tester Annual Salary       Average QA Tester Hourly Rate   
   United Kingdom    GBP 50,000 GBP 18.56
   United States USD 78,287 USD 38
   Canada CAD 75,000 CAD 38.46
   Australia AUS 62,417 AUS 25.89


The costly rates for local QA testers have made business choose to hire offshore instead. By hiring QA testers offshore, businesses can save more while still growing their company. However, just like in any partnership, it is crucial to find the right outsourcing partner for a successful IT outsourcing experience.


As one of the reliable outsourcing providers in the UK and abroad, Cloud Employee provides startups, SMEs, and large firms across industries a risk-free and cost-effective outsourcing solution. With us, hiring offshore QA Testers has now been made more accessible through our competitive industry offshore rates.


To know more about how much it would cost to hire QA Testers offshore, here’s a guide about the standard offshore developer rates from various outsourcing destinations.

What interview techniques should you use to hire the best QA Testers?

After receiving applications from candidates, the next part to hiring QA testers is to conduct an interview and thoroughly examining their skills. To hire the best QA testers, here are two interview methods that you can try.


Ask QA testers to discuss their recent project

Have them discuss or illustrate how they developed their most recent application. With this, recruiters can determine two important aspects:

1) Recruiters can check if a candidate walks the talk. Can the QA tester explain software assurance concepts in detail? Does the QA tester know the different stages of software development? This will also give recruiters insight into how involved a candidate was in this project.


2) Recruiters can also check if a candidate has strong communication skills. For a QA tester, communication skills are important especially when reporting errors to a software developer or another member of the team. During the presentation, notice if they can clearly explain technical ideas. Communication skills would be a very crucial skill to look for especially if you are looking to hire senior QA testers who will be leading your quality assurance team.


Conduct technical exams

It may seem that companies spend a good amount of time and effort in screening their candidates through technical exams, however, there are still some companies who do not hold exams when hiring developers or QA testers. Without conducting technical tests, companies cannot fully assess a candidate's abilities and cannot properly determine whether they are suitable for the position they need.


If your company does not know how to go about conducting these technical tests, you may use a free or paid online tests. When you want to hire the best QA testers, look for someone who is not only adept in software quality assurance and the software development cycle but also someone who has strong analytical and problem-solving skills.


If you cannot conduct an online exam, you may prepare your exam and customise it according to your technical needs. To give you an idea of preparing for a QA testers technical exam, here are sample questions and answers you may check as a reference.


Q: How would you test the following method? There is this method for finding the nth decimal digit of Pi. The method is on-based starting with the first decimal. As such, the first decimal digit is 1, the second is 4, the third is 1 and so on.

3.14159265...  // Pi
 12345678...  // n

Example in Java:

getNthDigitOfPi(1);    // 1
getNthDigitOfPi(4);    // 5
getNthDigitOfPi(71);   // 0
getNthDigitOfPi(900);  // 3
getNthDigitOfPi(-4);   // IllegalArgumentException: no nonpositive digits
getNthDigitOfPi(0);    // IllegalArgumentException: no nonpositive digits

A: For any method that requires numbers an input, it’s recommended to consider testing:

  • Negative numbers
  • 0
  • 1
  • 2
  • 10, and higher by orders of magnitude
  • The highest integer (something specific to your system or language, e.g. highest 32-bit integer)

With this testing method, one can already cover a basic set of edge cases, potential special cases, base cases, and a range of values.


Q: The following is a question for using Selenium WebDriver, a browser-based test automation tool.

What is the difference between driver.get() and

A: Both can be used to navigate to a URL.

driver.get() is a more convenient way of navigating to a URL. However, the function driver.navigate().to(“url”) can also do the same thing.

The driver.navigate() also has other functions:


How can Cloud Employee help you?

Cloud Employee is a UK-managed IT outsourcing company connecting startups and large tech firms from the UK, Australia, and all over the world to highly-skilled developers. We help you find and hire offshore QA testers giving you a zero-risk and hassle-free experience.


To start hiring QA testers with us, send us your requirements and our dedicated recruitment team will search for your ideal QA tester. In just weeks, we send you a shortlist of candidates, and from there, you choose the candidates who will move on for an interview and a free technical trial. There’s no commitment to move forward until you are fully satisfied with your offshore QA tester.


Once hired, your offshore QA tester works 100% exclusively for you during your preferred time. They also use your preferred tools and standards, making them an effective member of your in-house team.


As your trusted partner, Cloud Employee supports your offshore QA tester by providing comfortable workspaces equipped with a fast internet connection, modern facilities, and high-end computers. In addition, Cloud Employee also takes care of back-office tasks such as HR, payroll, licenses, and so on. We help you focus on managing and growing your business.


A dedicated QA tester is an important addition to your team to ensure the high standard of quality in the products. With Cloud Employee, you can hire offshore QA testers who are also skilled in JIRA, Chrome Dev Tools, qTest, Zephyr, QAComplete, Test Collab, XQual, Xray for JIRA, TestMonitor.

What is the dedicated hiring model?

Ideal for companies who would like to outsource their software quality assurance, the dedicated hiring model is a dynamic outsourcing model that enables outsourcing parties to have close control over the hiring process. As a result, the model minimises issues in communication usually experienced when outsourcing.


Aside from this, one of the model’s main advantages is its flexibility and practicality. Companies who outsource QA testers can easily scale their team or business at any time during a project’s development. As a result, companies now have freedom over long-running contracts.



  • Ideal for long-term projects with undefined details, as well as for short-term projects with clear and complete requirements.
  • The cost can be estimated even with no definite requirements.
  • Suitable for companies or teams who opt to directly communicate and collaborate with their offshore QA tester or team.
  • The dedicated hiring model enables companies to closely monitor the offshore QA tester or team’s progress and output quality.
  • The offshore QA tester becomes an effective and efficient extension of your in-house team as they exclusively work under your processes, standards, and goals.


Combining the flexibility of the dedicated hiring model and Cloud Employee’s nearly 20 years of industry knowledge and experience in IT outsourcing, our dedicated team offers startups to large tech firms across the globe with a low-risk and affordable solution to hiring developers.


Cloud Employee’s unique dedicated developer model has been modified to adapt to the needs of innovative and growing businesses. Our model has minimised the long recruitment process, allowed better working practices, and closed the tech talent gap—all for a cost-effective industry rate. Indeed, Cloud Employee takes pride in the fact that our business model can help solve the businesses’ tech hiring needs.

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How many hours do you want the developer to dedicate to working with you?

What skillsets are you looking to hire?

When do you need your developer to start ?