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I have not worked with anyone from the Philippines before but we found the quality of the candidates and the quality of our staff to be really, really high.

- James Stringer, CleanLink Software

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Our vibrant offices keep our employees productive, engaged and positive at work.


Beyond Offshoring

Cloud Employee is the UK’s leading outsourcing provider of the best Umbraco Developers offshore. We connect companies like yours to the Philippines’ massive developer community so you can handpick the Umbraco CMS expert you want on your team conveniently fast.

When it comes to remote mobile app and web development, more than a hundred start-ups and tech firms choose Cloud Employee for a fast, innovative, and hassle-free offshoring experience.

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View Ericson's CV


Junior Umbraco Developer
3 years of experience

Worked as an Applications Developer where he created/enhanced web-based applications using Microsoft .NET technology. He also created Web-APIs and Aut. . .

View Ericson's CV
View Norman's CV


Senior Umbraco Developer
7 years of experience

Has 7-year experience in the IT industry as a systems developer. Handled a variety of web-based application projects, using different technologies lik. . .

View Norman's CV
View Luis's CV


Mid-level Umbraco Developer
4 years of experience

He is a software developer with four years of professional experience in building business applications.His last role was as a .NET developer in a big. . .

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View Rochelle's CV


Junior Umbraco Developer
3 years of experience

Rochelle is a creative Software Developer seeking a position in a fast-growing organization to utilize her expertise in software development. She is a. . .

View Rochelle's CV
View Ericson's CV


Junior Umbraco Developers
3 years of experience

Worked as an Applications Developer where he created/enhanced web-based applications using Microsoft .NET technology. He also created Web-APIs and Aut. . .

View Ericson's CV

Hire Developers

What is the usual rate for Umbraco developers?

When researching the rates for an Umbraco developer, it is important to also realise that it is dependent on how complex your project is. Below is a quick table comparing the annual salaries and hourly rates of Umbraco developers from the UK and the US. All figures are from PayScale and Neuvoo.


     Average Umbraco Developer Annual Salary       Average Umbraco Developer Hourly Rate   
   United Kingdom    GBP 37,500 GBP 19.23
   United States USD 58,511 USD 20.34


Even though hiring from home seems like the best and convenient way to go, there has been a great number of startups and large tech firms that have sought for cost-efficient and quick alternatives to find the right IT support they need. Thus, making IT outsourcing providers became a solid solution to these demands.


As your IT outsourcing partner, Cloud Employee helps startups and small and medium-sized enterprises to find alternatives to hiring Umbraco developers. We offer competitive industry rates that allow companies to find the best Umbraco developers while saving on overhead costs.

What interview techniques should you use to hire the best Umbraco developer?

As you go through the process of hiring a Umbraco developer, take into consideration that the main purpose of the interview isn’t to give hard and challenging tasks. The goals are merely to assess the candidate’s abilities within a set time. To conduct a successful interview here are some great tips to keep in mind as you examine your candidates.


Now, whilst keeping those practices during the interview in mind, here are some specific questions that we recommend you use during the interview.


 Q: Where should new codes be placed depending on their code type?

 A: When it comes to new codes, they should be placed in either Umbraco.Web or Umbraco.Core depending on their code type.

  • If the code you are writing has something to do with the web, it should be placed in Umbraco.Web.
  • If the code could be used in a console app or anything similar to that, it should be placed in Umbraco.Core.


 Q: What is Umbraco.Web.UI used for?

 A: Umbraco.Web.UI is used for rendering files such as JavaScript, CSS, ASPX, ASCX and CSHTML.


 Q: What are things to keep in mind when updating an existing code?

 A: When updating an existing code:

  • Consider moving it to the correct project and namespace
  • Refactor the code to be consistent
  • Use correct naming conventions
  • Review the legacy code to keep it up to date

How can Cloud Employee help you?

With Cloud Employee, a fast-growing UK-managed IT outsourcing company, strategic hiring solutions are provided for tech startups and firms who are facing problems looking for local tech talent. We offer assistance helping you find the best Umbraco developers at no extra cost.


It is plain and easy, contact us and let us know your job requirements. Our team will then send over a list of Umbraco developers who fit your description. From the list given, you get to handpick the best candidates to move forward to interviews and technical testing. We would also like to inform you that no commitment will be made until you are fully satisfied with your offshore Umbraco developer.


To further assist you, Cloud Employee will provide on-site supervision, workspace set-up and full IT support for your Umbraco developer. As your dedicated offshoring partner, we also take care of all the paperwork for you, from licensing, permits payroll to general administration. All you need to do is focus on your project with your dedicated Umbraco developer.


The best Umbraco developers have the ability to build an easy to use, interactive website at different complexities. With Cloud Employee, you can recruit offshore Umbraco developers skilled in  .NET, C#, .NET Framework, ASP.NET, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, IIS, SQL, MS SQL, MVC, JSON, WCF, REST, SOAP, and Git.

What is the dedicated hiring model?

What’s special about working with Cloud Employee is our dedicated hiring model, aiming to help you avoid the risks and extra costs of traditional outsourcing. Your dedicated offshore Umbraco developer becomes an addition to your in-house team adhering to your processes, tools and standards.


This model is well known to be the best engagement model, due to the flexibility it offers. Scaling your team according to your business requirements whenever you need it is made possible.



  • Ideal for long-term projects, especially those with a constantly changing scope and undefined specifications
  • Works fine with a predictable budget even with an indefinite project scope
  • As the client, you have full control from recruitment and interviews to the management of your outsourced Umbraco development team
  • You monitor and assess the product quality directly
  • The dedicated Umbraco developers you hire work exclusively for you, so they understand your objectives, goals, standards, and expectations clearly


More than a hundred startups and SMEs from all over the world are trusting Cloud Employee for their Umbraco development needs because of its convenient and client-oriented model. The outsourced team becomes an efficient extension of the in-house team.


All of these services are offered at competitive industry rates, which makes us and our business model the top choice for many startups and firms.

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How many hours do you want the developer to dedicate to working with you?

What skillsets are you looking to hire?

When do you need your developer to start ?