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Why Cloud Employee?


Cloud Employee helps companies hire the best outsourced software developers and development teams in the Philippines. Our dedicated outsource model is proven to take away the headaches usually associated with outsourcing.

Our goal is to recruit you the best developers for your needs whilst saving you money and removing the risk and hassle of trying to set up your own offshore operations. We take care of all of the logistics including housing your new developers in our cutting edge development centers while providing both you and your new developer all-round support. 

Cloud Employee’s goal is to bridge the gap between your office and ours, providing you with the peace of mind knowing that you have a full support team in place, starting from your initial call all the way through to your After Care Team who are there to ensure you to get the best out of your outsourced solution. 

Here are some of the reasons why over 100 companies from UK, USA, Australia, and Europe have chosen to outsource with Cloud Employee.

  • Cloud Employee has access to over 100,000 software developers in the Philippines across all technologies, from junior developers up to Senior System Architects.
  • Cloud Employee provides every client with their own western account manager to discuss your requirements and provide you support throughout the hiring process and beyond, giving you a sole point of contact.
  • Cloud Employee provides a full After Care support department once you have hired the developer or team of your choice. You will be designated one point of contact who will be there daily to help with your needs and give advice while supporting your growth as needed.
  • You manage your developer or team directly just as if they were based in your office. You know your own business the best and the development methods and tools that work for you. We will not get involved with any of the development process.
  • Cloud Employee provides great working environments in order to attract the top talent and ensure productivity of your staff. We offer all our employees outstanding benefits including health insurance, bonus schemes, company outings, team building, educational courses, as well as perks such as free haircuts, massages, lunches and snacks, and many more. This results in Cloud Employee having one of the lowest staff attrition rates in the Philippines.
  • Cloud Employee does NOT charge a recruitment fee or require lengthy long term commitment. All contracts are on a rolling flat fee monthly basis. You are not obligated to commit or pay anything unless you hire.

Cloud Employee helps its clients grow by giving them access to an outstanding talent pool and the ability to focus on their business, while saving up to 65% on hiring locally.

With over 20 years experience in the market across multiple outsourcing destinations and industries, Cloud Employee has the experience to know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to managing offshore employees. We can provide valued advice to help businesses that are considering offshoring their development or back office needs.

With clients from some of the most exciting startups through to large multinational firms, the Cloud Employee dedicated outsource model works for companies of any size.

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