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Viktor Silas has more than 4 years of industry experience in IT. He started as a back-end PHP developer and also functioned as a front-end utilising t. . .

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How to Hire UX and UI Designer

Before you hire UX and UI designers, it is best for recruiters or employers during the hiring process is to know more about the kind of developer that you are looking for. This comprehensive article for hiring UX and UI designers will answer questions that you might have or may encounter when you hire the best UI designer and UX designer.


For businesses, understanding the role and difference between UI designers and UX designers can help identify if you do need to hire UX and UI designer and help guide you in finding a good candidate.


Let us first define UI. Short for User Interface, UI is primarily concerned user interface design. In short, when hiring a UI designer, that person focuses on all the elements that a user may use or interact with a digital service or product to have the best design user experience. It’s a wide field integrating the elements of content, form, and behaviour.


The role of a UI designer is to create visually appealing and engaging user interfaces that will attract users and help them navigate through the site. So in hiring a UI designer, that person must ensure that your business’ brand must be effectively translated into your digital products or services.


On the other hand, UX, which stands for User Experience, is concerned with enhancing the user experience by improving the interaction between the customer and a product. The research, develop, build prototypes and test their work to create an engaging experience for the end-user.


Ultimately, it is a complex and challenging role as they act more than just as a UI designer but also somewhat as a project manager and marketer.


While both can be visual design experts to your project, they are also involved with designer interactions between the product and the user, the two differ in the fact that UX focuses on macro-interactions, such as the overall features of a product, while UI deals with the micro-interactions or the specifics of a certain feature.


If you’re still confused about UI and UX, here’s a helpful guide that differentiates these two, as well as explaining their dynamics with each other.


Why should you hire a UI and UX designer?

For businesses, hiring skilled UX and UI designers with years of experience can help boost your product’s engagement, visual design, and popularity to your users or customers. Hiring a UX and UI designer can give your business the following advantages:


Make your brand stand out

Due to the millions of websites and applications that are in the market right now, it is crucial for businesses to set themselves apart from the competition and make their product or services stand out through high-quality digital design. By hiring a UX and UI designer, businesses can create a unique and interactive web and mobile interface that showcases a business’ brand and that appeals to a business’ target audience.


Attract and retain potential customers

By studying what the target audience wants, UX and UI designers can come up with designs and features that attract or satisfy a certain market’s standards which can be used in social media accounts. This helps businesses attract a wider audience and increase the chances of finding potential customers and retaining them.


Generate more sales

Since your customers will mainly interact with your website or application, it is important that your user interface reflects the brand and solves the users’ needs. The more your brand can be exposed online, especially in social media platforms, then the more it can generate traffic and attract potential customers which in turn will help generate more sales and revenue.


What technical skills should you look for when hiring UX and designers?

When hiring UI designers, one must carefully take a look at their knowledge and expertise in developing a good user interface and good user experience. Aside from finishing a degree in Computer Science, Multimedia Arts, IT or other related tech and web and mobile design degrees, here are must-have UI designer skills that you should look for:


Understanding and experience in UX research

While an interface may seem to only be concerned on the visuals of a website or application, it also concerns itself with the needs and wants of a certain target market. As such, great researching skills are necessary to determine and plan out a visual design that caters to the behaviour and personality of a business’ target market.



A wireframe is referred to as a blueprint for each screen of an interface and is created to show how an interface would work. It consists of all the possible elements and features needed on every page. It is often illustrated in grayscale using lines and boxes.



UI designers must know how to create prototypes in order to test an interface’s functionality. Prototyping allows UI designers to ensure that the system and the end user’s goals function well before finally starting a project. Good UI designers would know how to effectively and quickly create prototypes.


Visual communication

Since the design is a highly visual medium, UI designers must be able to incorporate eye-catching visual design with functionality to better attract and engage with the end-users. As such, they must have a good understanding of key visual communication concepts such as colour, layout, icons, typography, images, and design theory.


Knowledge and experience in coding

While it may seem that UI designers are only concerned with visuals and functionality, it is actually a requirement for UI designers to know and have experience in coding, especially with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


Strong communication and collaboration

These are key soft skills that you must look for when hiring UI designers. Since UI designers will have to closely work with the front-end developers and other members of the team, these are also must-have qualities to look for.



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What skillsets are you looking to hire?

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