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How to Hire PHP Developers in the Philippines?

Are you looking to hire expert php developers?

When it comes to hiring tech talent, you should tap not only your local options but also the best in the world. Your best option is to hire php developer that uses advanced communication tech and productivity tools. In this way, collaborative remote work and great working relationships are possible.


Cloud Employee does that for you. It allows you to connect with highly-skilled and dedicated php software developers. You can choose among the top php developers based on their expertise and years of experience.

Below are the things you need to know about hiring a software developer in the Philippines.

Why Hire PHP Developers In The Philippines?

The Philippines, especially Manila, is one of the world's top outsourcing destinations worldwide.

According to Tholons, an international advisory firm for global outsourcing, Manila is one of the top outsourcing spots worldwide. It is in line with the leading outsourcing countries like India, China, Brazil, and Mexico. The Philippines as an outsourcing hub since the UK's National Outsourcing Association proclaimed it as the world's best BPO destination for three times.

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So, why hire php developers in the Philippines?

The Philippines generally has a low cost of living as compared to western countries like the UK. So, it is more costeffective to hire a php developer in the Philippines than in other countries.

Other than that, here are a few reasons why you should hire php developers in the Philippines

 130,000 IT and Tech graduates every year

In the Philippines, there are over 130,000+ graduates of engineering, tech, and IT programs from leading universities every year. Besides that, many tech graduates complete internships to gain the right skill-set and to prepare them for their future jobs.

2_extensive Extensive training

Usually, tech graduates start as junior software developers to improve their skills in various fields of IT. Through this experience, they become well-grounded in both technical and nontechnical skills.

So, you will find many young php developers that are software gurus. This is because the labour market for this field is highly competitive. And the chances of landing a job would be higher if you also have a higher level of expertise and skills. Their extensive training hones them to have a wide range of skills and experience in software development projects.

3_proficiency Proficiency in English

In Asia, the Philippines is one of the countries where people speak English as a second language (ESL). Filipinos use English in the education system, businesses and almost everywhere in everyday life. Because of this, the Philippines gains a competitive edge over other Asian countries.

The Philippines is also in the top 5 largest English-speaking countries worldwide. Over 90% of its population speaks and understands English. This country also scored high in the EF English Proficiency Index (6th Edition). It ranked 13th out of 72 countries, in line after Malaysia and even ahead of Switzerland. Altogether, communication in English won't be a problem when you hire a team of php developers.


5_political Political & economic stability

A country with a lot of religious, political and ethnic uprising may likely affect business operations. So, you need to make sure that your business is not affected by these circumstances. The Philippines has a strong and stable economy. Having an offshore team from the Philippines would be beneficial for your tech development project needs.

6_emerging Emerging technologies

Infotech technology is one of the Philippines' fastest-growing sectors. You'll find that many software and other advanced technology products are emerging from its shores. So, it's no surprise that php developers are versatile in many aspects of IT, such as Python, HTML, SQL, PHP, C++ and others.



Client Reviews



  • "Patrick is getting on really well. We gave him a project to work on for our parent company and already and Busted 6 tickets already in the space of a week considering that the project is a bit tricky as it’s a new system were building. He asks questions which I really admire about him and understands all of the requirements and tasks."

    Ben Hastings, AgileTek
  • "It was such a pleasure having Roi and Dennis here in Sweden. It was a great idea inviting them here as we got to know them a lot better. They’re doing so well and they’re very easy to communicate with, never had any problems with them."

    Martin Augustsson, QLogic AB

Freelance Software Developer Philippines Things to Consider Before Hiring a Freelance Developer in the Philippines

You have two main options in outsourcing your software development projects. One is that you may hire the services of a single or a couple of people from our pool of freelancers who'll work from home. Or, our recruitment professionals here at Cloud Employee can put together a team just for you.

Whatever you choose would depend on the following conditions below

Is your project short term?

If you have a small project, i.e. short term and nothing too sensitive, you can hire an independent freelancer. You can appoint an advanced or intermediate level software expert to take up a side project right away.

Is your project long term?

If you have a big and long-term project, then you can hire a person or a team of php developers focusing on that project. You can also appoint a team that can handle sensitive tasks if you have a new project or a new technology at hand.


Software Developer Philippines:

How to Hire Freelance Developers in the Philippines

Once you decide to hire php developer, you need to make sure that everything's arranged in your end

Here are the things you need to consider before you continue on the hiring process


Outline your project requirements

When you have a project, you need to make an outline of what you need. For instance, you need to list down the skills required and the problem you want to solve in your project. It’s best to write the core skills that you need to keep your project going until completion.

Aside from the brief project description, you need to write the full details of your project. Break it down into modules in relation to the milestones they need to achieve

On the technical side, you can go into details about what tools you want them to use on the project. You and your team can avoid mistakes if you become more specific in the description of your project


Setup a preferred communication style.

Cliché as it may seem, but communication is vital in any business relationships. It becomes one of the most crucial factors when you have to deal with a freelancer who is thousands of miles away.

Consider several options on what communication style you can both use. But you can state your specific pattern or frequency of communication. i.e, giving feedback at the end of the day or stating any confusion or challenges along the way. Also, agree on the communication platforms (like Skype or Zoom) you should use. Always have an alternative in case the primary platform is unreachable.

Communication will also help with time difference issues. Always check your time zones, both you and your freelancer. This is important so you can communicate during work hours in their time zone. With all these in mind, completion of work won't be a problem due to effective communication


Consider your budget and project timeline.

Your project budget will determine how much you invest in getting the work done. Always consider offering reasonable wages for php developers or any freelancers. Also, keep in mind all the extra costs (such as electricity and internet connection) whilst working remotely.

When it comes to setting timelines, be a bit flexible. Factor in a few extra weeks that will count for nature running its course, such as sickness. Also, a php developer may need a vacation. Altogether, these may lengthen the project's timeline.


Hire niche talent.

Having access to a selection of quality php developers should be on your list. With this, you can either send us the type of job and we’ll select suitable developers from our pool of freelancers. Or we’ll send over a list of candidates, so you can select the most suitable. If you are a pro developer yourself, both options ideal. But if you need a push in the right direction, the former will do you some good.


Get help from a project manager.

Cloud Employee can provide you with an experienced project manager. You may need one if you don't have the technical know-how of handling your project from start to finish. This way, you can organise things with the project manager as your project goes ahead. That person will manage your project from start to finish within the set timeline.

This setup is ideal for some offshore clients to avoid trust issues with php developers. Thus, a middleman admin can make the relationship smoother


Think about technical screening.

If you are a software developer yourself, you can interview the php developer you want to hire. You can review the developer's work portfolio/past work. And you can engage them in the design, framework, and style of coding of their previous job.

Check out the php developer's contributions to their past projects. You can look through their public or private portfolio or even their works online. This will give you an idea of what they can do and what their current competence level is.

If you outsource, then we will take care of the technical part of screening your candidate.


Think about the payment process.

Agree on either an hourly, weekly, or monthly rate. You can also pay based on attaining a milestone within the project's timeline.


Initiate a trial period.

Introduce a small part of your project that has a completion time of no more than three days. This way, you can assess the candidate on the criteria you have put together in the hiring process. For instance, competence and communication. Remember, the trial period is not an opportunity to exploit your php developer. So, make sure you pay for the period even if you decide to drop the candidate.

Remember the contract and non-disclosure agreement

When you hire someone, you need to have your php developer sign a contract. Aside from that, your freelancer should sign a non-disclosure agreement. This is to make sure that you protect your product's information. This document also serves as a confidentiality agreement


Get to know the freelance developer.

You need to know if your php developer is someone you can trust and count on. Because one key ingredient in working relationships is building trust. Some may be good in their jobs but have problems with attitude and interpersonal skills. So to make sure you are on the same page, get to know your freelancer more so you won't encounter problems in the future.

Freelance Web Developer Philippines:

What Challenges Do They Face?

The freelancing industry in the Philippines contributed about 200 million dollars from 2010-2014. Thus, making it an important sector of the Philippine economy. But, there are downsides of working in the freelancing industry. There are challenges that can affect both the client and the freelancer as well.

7_trust Trust issues

Only registered freelancers and freelance business with a specific amount of sales and gross receipts are required to pay taxes in the Philippines. And that includes freelancers of the IT industry. Because anyone with knowledge in coding and software development can become a freelancer. And this is sometimes where trust issues between the client and the freelancer come from. Offshore clients from developed countries may have trust issues in engaging their service.

8_insurance Insurance & other work benefits

Most freelancers don't have access to health insurance even with a full-time contract. Some of them don't have benefits that government and private employees such as SSS, PAGIBIG, and Philhealth. For this reason, they are often used and forgotten until another project comes up.

9_infrastructure Infrastructure challenges

The Philippines doesn't have stable basic amenities like those in the developed countries. Scenarios of blackouts and poor internet service are quite common. Freelancers may have some problem delivering a project on time. Conditions are a bit better in the major cities than remote locations.

10_job_security Job security challenges

Most freelancing jobs are flexible. This may include working from home or any desired location. But working as a freelance can be tiring and frustrating. They are always in the lookout for the "next" project. As joy comes with each a new project, so comes the worry of when the contract ends.


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