Best Project Management Tools for Software Development

In my conversations with various developers, it's obvious that most have mastered the art of initiating new and innovative ideas. However, in these times when virtual offices and work environments are not only a trend but a necessity, they also highlight that managing a project well is crucial to any team's success.  

Project management keeps everything in place to realize those ideas and plans on time and on spec. Are you struggling to find the best project management tools for individuals in your field? Or are you looking to manage remote developers with more efficiency?

Fortunately, many tools are available to us to make this easy.
Let’s look at the best project management tools that promise better organization, communication and productivity.



The Atlassian software has been in existence since 2002. It's a pioneer Australian software development organization that boasts of working closely with companies like Cisco, Adobe, NASA, LinkedIn, BMW, and the likes. That’s where Jira originates from. It’s a modern software development project management solution designed to improve communication between various teams and organizations. 


The software has won numerous awards like The American Institute of Architects-SF Design Award for Merit given in 2012 among others. That's because it’s extremely useful for a wide range of teams and organizations like human resources, marketing teams, remote teams, and more. 


It's no wonder why many organizations favour this software. They have proven to be an intensely customer-based company as it covers tracking, collaboration, code hosting and management with a large tool base and add-ons that make all the difference. For developers looking to manage a broad range of issues, distribute and assign tasks across their team, create fun and integrating user stories, and monitor project performance, Jira would be the perfect pick. 


Additionally, Jira allows customizable Scrum and Kanban boards that facilitate iteration. It's one of the best cross-platform software with features and capabilities that make project management easier. With their bug-tracking and joint-editing features, Jira ensures teams and departments have the tools to get projects done seamlessly. So, if you are looking to improve workflow, monitor efficiency, and assign team members tasks, this is certainly one platform that will facilitate that. Plus, Jira has various packages from $10 monthly upwards, it all depends on the number of people on the team. 


2. Basecamp

Basecamp is certainly one project management software tool to look out for, it’s simply one of the best. ‘What makes this platform so different from the others,’ you may ask. Well, first of all, the Basecamp software was established in 2004. Because of how successful it is, the company changed its name from the initial ‘37Signals’ it was bearing to its most successful software tool; Basecamp. 


Since then, Basecamp has risen in prominence and is now known as one of the best platforms for business management, project management and development. Second, this platform is used by over 280,000 companies including big names like Adidas and NASA.


The software is web-based and manages to efficiently run via the cloud thanks to the top-tier company servers. That ensures that users enjoy a user-friendly, intuitive and captivating interface. 


Another feature many will find interesting is Basecamp’s compatibility. This versatile software tool promises wide range compatibility to practically every computing format. If you have a Mac, PC, iPad, Tablet, or Android, it doesn’t really matter, Basecamp does not discriminate. Plus, the SaaS feature (Software-as-a-service) ensures that users can access the platform, regardless of their location. 


This is an extra benefit for teams with diverse members that work remotely from different states or countries in the world. That's not all though. Basecamp comes with a configurable feature that ensures different team leaders can configure and personalize features to suit their specific needs. 


This project management tool promises a ready-to-go API and allows syncing with third-party apps. Companies that use Basecamp can easily create message boards for easy communication, set up to-do lists, upload documents, and work with schedules and timed deadlines. 


The software tool also allows member communication via group chats, as well as direct messages for more private conversations. Plus, just like any effective project management tool, the app allows client access. That means companies can easily send messages, e-mails, service and to-do lists on one platform. 


Basecamp’s monthly subscriptions start from as low as $20 and allow an unlimited number of users. 


3. Trello

Looking to get software development project management tools free? Then Trello is one project management tool to consider. However, it’s not just easy accessibility they have going, Trello also guarantees excellent visual collaboration. By using a board and card system, teams can easily see assigned projects and start working on them immediately. The cards and boards allow an efficient description of work tasks, which makes it easy for members to have a shared perspective on the tasks assigned. 


In addition, Trello allows an unlimited amount for boards and cards. That means organizations with a large workforce and heavy workload can productively add tasks whenever they want. Plus, their visuals and user interface are commendable because the admin simply has to drag and drop cards to assign tasks to a workboard. 


Each member has a personal board and can view their tasks, work descriptions and due dates with ease. Also, if you have a little flair for design and customization, Trello allows you to colour code cards, archive and filter them. The cards also provide a comments section for easy communication, questions or feedback. 


This software is also very efficient, and team members get instant notifications when tasks are assigned, and each board is visible to all members. These notifications are delivered via the app and also through e-mail because the notifications are synced across all platforms and devices be it desktop, iOS, or Android. 


This encourages healthy competition, collaboration and productivity. Other features Trello allows include but are not limited to, creating personalized Kanban boards, organizing and prioritizing lists, creating unlimited task cards, sharing files and images, managing tasks on cardboards, and more. 


Trello may be free, but it also offers premium subscriptions for companies that want more advanced and professional features that other apps like Google Drive, Evernote, Salesforce, and Slack rely on. 


4. Asana

Asana is another efficient and effective project management tool. However, unlike its peers, Asana works better for smaller teams. So, if you are managing a start-up or running a small-scale software development team, Asana will be a good pick. 


Like every effective project management tool, it ensures that members know what they are supposed to do, and when to do it. Asana is also an excellent option because it allows the admin to create tasks, subtasks, and important projects with a professional schedule for team members to follow. 


It equally allows the leadership to assign tasks to individual team members with access to the descriptions and deadlines. Plus, there’s provision for instruction on every task, and comments in case any team member has an important question or follow-up question. And just to ensure that everyone gets to work on time, Asana sends prompt notifications and reminders when work is assigned, and when deadlines are close. 


Asana is certainly one of those software management tools that promote effective communication and allows actions like voting and custom likes. It's a very versatile tool that guarantees flexibility and responsiveness on the go. Besides, it allows integration and syncing with apps like Google Drive, GitHub, Dropbox, and more. From $10 per month, each member can subscribe to Asana and enjoy the efficiency and workflow its platform promises.


What stands out with is its ready-to-use, highly configurable workflow templates. Common businesses processes such as agile sales process, for recruiting, for editorial planning or for office management – are already present in the tool, with the option to configure based on your team's actual needs.

Like in other tools, data can be displayed as a timeline in the Gantt chart, as a calendar, as diagrams in charts, as a form or as kanban cards.

It also prides itself as highly intuitive and user-friendly, and promises little to no training for onboarding required. 
It's also one of the highest ranking tool across software review websites, including G2, Capterra, Trustpilot, TrustRadius, and GetApp.

6. Zoho projects

Zoho is yet another software tool that’s excellent for team management and project coordination. It's a very versatile and all-encompassing tool that checklists almost every facet of development when it comes to workflow. One of the main reasons the Zoho Projects tool is prioritized over other team platforms is the organization it guarantees. 


It allows task creation by the admin, with provision for sub-tasks. It also records milestones and employs Gantt Charts that allow easy task tracking and management. Zoho also offers timesheets on their platform and guarantees bug-tracking as well. However, there are extra costs for bug tracking, chats and project pages. These extra fees are not included in the standard package charge. 


However, for team leaders with a priority for such features, that shouldn’t be an issue. Besides, with Zoho, you can integrate various tools like Google Apps to coordinate and manage practically any sphere of your project all on one platform. So, for better coordination, social media communication, and task management, Zoho will provide all that and more for just $25 to $80 per month. 


7. Wrike

There are secrets to improving project management in the work environment, and Wrike just happens to be one of them. In all the four tips HuffPost provides in this article, Wrike guarantees that companies can create a clear task list, establish effective communication, keep track of everyone on board and track progress via milestones. It does this by providing a platform that allows customizable dashboards that can be personalized to suit the various projects you are working on. 


Using Gantt or even Dynamic Request Forms, users can assign tasks, schedule them and prioritize assignments. Plus, the platform ensures all members can see and monitor individual progress. 


The Wrike tool also makes use of a proof tool that provides feedback to members on the completion and progress made on tasks. The proof tool also allows visual sharing, which makes communication and collaboration much more straightforward. You can also decide to tag videos or give instant pictures on other materials members decide to share. 


Wrike is an effective project management tool that will help software development teams connect, communicate, and collaborate on tasks for effective productivity and progress. It's free for up to five users and gives access to basic features. However, it also has a premium plan that costs $9.80 to $34 for one member, monthly. 


8. LiquidPlanner

Looking for the best project management tools 2020 and onwards? The LiquidPlanner should certainly be on your list. This software tool was launched in 2006 and has made waves in the industry since then. It grew from the base and now boasts of over 2,400 clients in over 45 countries. 


LiquidPlanner probably stands out because the platform focuses on customer priorities. That means that, unlike other platforms that focus on meeting deadlines and checking, LiquidPlanner is more adept at meeting task requirements and other priorities. It allows members to alter projects and implement the necessary changes to ensure all such requirements are met. 


That does not mean it does not have an efficient scheduling feature; there are scheduling and planning features that ensure all members understand and are on the same thought level when it comes to tasks. Plus, this feature also improves managerial efficiency and productivity on the team member's end. 


LiquidPlanner offers modules like project analytics and reporting, tracking and approval, and team planning and coordination. It is also compatible with a wide range of mobile apps, iOS and Android. 



One of the best ways to increase efficiency at your company is to employ the use of software tools like Taskeo. lists this project management tool as one of the best when it comes to simplifying and managing tasks. Its unique design was created to make tasks, and life in general, easier for you. First of all, it allows you to overcome the limitations that come with working from different locations on a platform that makes it hard to tell the difference. There's also easy access to tasks, 


Plus, Taskeo also allows team members to work from any location. They simply have to access tasks, share progress, besides, the checklist function ensures members can indicate when they have completed a task. So, from the comforts of your home or office, simply create a competitive and efficient work environment with an app that practically has everything set out for you. 


There's a task creation function and productivity reports. This will ensure that all team members see their tasks, deadlines, and the progress they are making per time. As the admin, you can monitor their stage-to-stage progress as well, thanks to the visible workflow view. 


To help you assign and manage tasks, there are project automation, task templates and recurring task options that are available to help optimize every process. Additionally, Taskeo bridges the gap between you and your customers by letting them monitor what’s going on. They can leave comments and opinions about work in progress and give positive feedback at any time. This feature saves time and ensures that team members are working in line with what your customers want. 


With all of this, there’s no question as to why they won the Best Value 2020 award given by Software Suggest. Taskeo is certainly a top contender when it comes to optimizing tasks, and providing an automated platform for all your business and software development needs. 


To Conclude

Business Insider lists ‘not having the right project management tools,’ as one of the things that can affect business productivity. That goes to show how important the software management tools listed above are. Most of them are versatile and bring something unique to the table. 

Still, it boils down to your team's needs and challenges. Choosing the right tool is crucial. When any of the tools are used correctly and efficiently, there’s no telling how much your team can achieve with improved collaboration and productive and efficient workflows. That’s where the magic is. I hope with this list, you'll find the right project management for developers and managers like you. 


We hope you found this article useful. Here at Cloud Employee, we assist both developers looking for work and companies looking to hire dedicated offshore developers across many technologies. Talk to us, learn more about how Cloud Employee works, or see our Developer Pricing Guide.

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