7 Advantages of Node.js for Startups


Are you launching a software development startup and are looking for a development platform to use? Are you searching for a platform that is easy to learn and use? Even more, are you just a beginner developer looking for the simplest way to learn software development? If you've answered yes to any of these questions, then you've come to just the right place. 


Here, we will be discussing the features of Node.JS development platform that make it an attractive option for startup firms and even bigger establishments. With companies such as PayPal, Uber, and Slack using this platform, we will look into why Node.js is the best development tool solution for startups.


  1. Quick to respond

When in the midst of testing, the time taken by a server to respond is significant as it essentially sets the foundation for the overall performance of the startup. Thus, a quick response time is something that any developer would be grateful for, and Node.js can provide that. The benefit of using the Node.js platform is that it delivers speedy responses when developers are testing out their code. Node.js is light and doesn't get cluttered up with JARs or app servers that could slow it down. 


Because of this, developers using the platform are able to freely focus on writing their code as well as testing it out quickly. Another notable reason why Node.js is so fast is that both its frontend and backend use the same programming language; hence there is no need to alternate between both. For someone who is just is getting started in business or for beginner developers, this can be a massive relief as they do not need to worry about that extra challenge.


  1. Simple to learn and use

When it comes to startup companies, there is always the possibility that the developers are novices or inexperienced in software development. For the most part, a beginner dealing with complex platforms can be both confusing and discouraging, especially when they require a lot of work and prior knowledge of software development, even to learn the basics. This is a big reason why a lot of startups opt for Node.js. This platform is comparably much easier to get the hang of. It also has a smooth learning curve, so you can grow while learning. 


Both the front and back end use the same programming language, meaning that you don’t have to write too much code, compared to when the front and backend don't use the same language. In addition to the fact that it's easy to learn and use, this platform also comes with a community of developers that can help out if you ever run into problems while working. This can be quite beneficial for a beginner. To put it in a few words, learning with Node.js can make you an expert in a short amount of time.


  1. Benefit of community

Node.js is known for the ever-growing community of developers on its platform, which makes it an attractive platform for startups. Sometimes, having access to a group of peers who you can always rely on for help when you need it is just as important as getting a good service. The best thing about being a part of the Node.js developers' community is that it usually gets fixed a lot faster than when you are working without help whenever you run into a problem. 


Besides, it equally gives you the opportunity to acquire new knowledge at a quick rate, and the Node.js platform is ever-improving. With unique features and functionality, easy code nature, and an even learning curve, this platform continues to gain popularity and grow its community. This large community is quite a beneficial tool for a young startup company navigating its way around a new project or an entry-level developer who is lost in the dark.


 Asides from this, Node.js also has some additional micro perks that can be extremely useful. For example, its customer count scaling, increased safety and speed for writing code, and its capability of testing in an A/B format are some of the microservices that developers love.


  1. Scaling

There are several benefits of using Node.js, but one of the major reasons why developers and startups are adopting it is because of its benefit of scaling. Startups pretty much look for the capability of scaling when choosing a development platform, and they get that with Node.js. This handy function is particularly effective when discussing the topic of software stacks. On the server-side of software development, developers almost always choose to build their software stacks solely on Node.js because it scales accordingly. 


It allows them to develop light and quick systems with impressive real-time responses that can be scaled up as time goes on, and have more modules added on to the existing ones. The great thing about this property is that it's not just startup companies that benefit from it. Much bigger organizations like eBay and LinkedIn also use  Node.js because of its scaling capability. 


Thanks to Node.js, these brands can better distribute their heavy workload to servers, while maintaining unmatched performance parameters. If you are a software development startup and are still trying to decide on a development platform to use, this advantage alone should have you leaning towards Node.js.


  1. Lightweight apps

One thing about using Node.js is that it helps you deliver lightweight apps. All the requests received by the server and applications are executed quickly. Because of its fast server and lesser application files, the apps developed using Node.js are always lighter and easier to manage compared to if you were to use other platforms. Besides, Node.js allows you to deliver efficient performance through accurate code, and the same code can then used to lessen the congestion on its server. 


This enables the server to handle multiple requests at a time. Hence, less hardware is required to meet the same user’s additional needs compared to other programming tools. For a startup firm that wants to develop apps that are modern, unique, stylish, and lightweight enough for the systems they work on, there is no better programming platform to use than Node.js.


  1. Reduced cost

As aforementioned, the same programming language can be used on both the frontend and backend with Node.js, which can, in turn, save a startup a lot of time as well as the costs of recruiting several developers. Because of the improved quality in limited resources and the lesser time span used learning the language, a startup company can actually save a lot of money. 


The training costs for developers are usually high, but when it comes to Node.js, this cost is cut down significantly when it comes to Node.js because Node.js is a straightforward programming language compared to others. Additionally, hiring people with specialty skills can be an expensive process for a new company, so programmers who can use Node.js are usually preferred.

More so, It is well known that the platform is better suited for companies with small budgets and a limited time frame from product making; hence, startups. It saves them development costs.


  1. High performance

When working with users and clients, it is essential to know that they don't just require an application that is well written and functional. User expectations grow every time, and as a developer, it is necessary to have matching skills in order to meet their needs. Sometimes, a client may need their app to have more features; however, adding more features when using other platforms could potentially mess with its performance by slowing it down or increasing its response time. 


Nevertheless, if you are using the Node.js platform, you wouldn't have to run into this problem. With Node.js, you can safely add on extra features to an app because it comes with uninterrupted service and a strong network that is able to support expansion and ease integration. Node.js not only makes the development process easier, but the code written on the platform is reusable for faster execution. Besides, it allows for the scalability of apps, thanks to its excellent prototyping abilities.



Now that we've addressed some of the benefits of using Node.js for startup companies, we are sure you can now see why a lot of companies have started adopting this development tool. Keep in mind that we only discussed seven advantages, and there are many more reasons why the Node.js platform is becoming hugely popular. 


For example, other perks such as faster time-to-market, its mature and well-tested nature, and rapid development of an MVP (minimum viable product) make it a very attractive tool for large and small companies alike. Suppose you want to get straight into software development without wasting time learning difficult languages. In that case, Node.js is the way to go, as it has the edge over its competitors.


We hope you found this article useful. Here at Cloud Employee, we assist companies looking to hire dedicated offshore developers across many technologies. Talk to us, learn more how Cloud Employee works, or see our Developer Pricing Guide.


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