5 Best Websites to take Programming Courses

They say coding is for everybody. With myriads of online coding courses on the web, one can find a website or course that suits their interest or skills. Whether you’re planning to switch careers, or learn a new skill, or simply improve on those, here are five best websites offering beginner to intermediate to advanced courses to start trekking down the coding path.



Pluralsight (formerly Code School) offers several courses on popular programming technologies such as JavaScript, PHP, iOS, and Android among others. Taught by experienced instructors, video contents are made engaging, and lessons are applied through on-site practice coding. The range of courses is perfect for coding newbies to experienced developers.


Recommended courses:

  • JavaScript - Build a solid understanding and foundation about one of the most popular and powerful programming languages.
  • Ruby on Rails - Make your own custom web application through this introductory to an intermediate course about this dynamic open source program.
  • Electives - Explore five supplementary dev courses to add to your programming knowledge.
  • Build an Interactive Website - Create an interactive website using CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.
  • The MEAN Stack - Become a full-stack developer using JavaScript technologies MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS, and Node.js.


Code Avengers

What is unique about Code Avengers is that it offers tailored courses for kids, independent learners, and educators. Code Avengers Jr. introduces a gamified coding experience for children from ages 4 to 14 years old. Meanwhile, Code Avengers Pro offers several courses on programming technologies needed for web design, web development, and software engineering fit for beginners and tech pros. On the other hand, Code Avengers Edu provides additional training and knowledge for teachers of all levels. Code Avengers’ courses are interactive and allow a free trial.


Recommended courses:

  • Intro to Coding - Learn the basics of coding in JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and Python.
  • Design - Take on the principles of design to create visually appealing apps and websites.
  • HTML/CSS - Create travel guide websites, blog sites, and more while mastering HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Computer Science - Study the fundamentals of programming like algorithm, flowcharts, and data representation.
  • Game Development - Work on developing a game using JavaScript.



Coursera contains a variety of courses from a number of fields in partnership with top universities from the US, the UK, and around the globe. It is one of the most popular online and top rated online course sites. Courses are suitable for all skill and educational levels and can be credited for University or earned for a certificate or a degree. Courses with certificates are needed to be purchased.


Recommended courses:



Udacity offers a wide range of courses in partnership with top companies such as Google, Facebook, and IBM among others. This opportunity to learn and to be mentored by instructors from top companies makes its students job ready. The students also have a chance to work under these companies. Because of these partnerships, Udacity is able to offer courses that are not in other online learning platforms such as the list below.


Recommended courses:



Though courses are not as many as other online learning platforms, FutureLearn offers a broad range of interesting courses for all levels. Students can earn accredited postgraduate degrees or master subjects through their programs from leading universities mostly from the UK, and Australia. FutureLearn also provides online resources and support, and full access to the university library.


Recommended courses:

  • Introducing Robotics - Try to make a robot move as you master the fundamentals and programming skills required for an introductory course in robotics.
  • Practical Data Mining - Learn how to mine data from small to large sets of data.
  • Robotic Vision - Explore the growing study of robotic vision and its applications to healthcare, marine science, and interplanetary explorations, among others.
  • Cyber Security - Block off threats that invade digital security by learning a range of studies from digital forensics to organizational security.
  • Information Technology - Gain essential skills in IT and know how it relates to business operations.



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