What Jobs Can a Software Developer Do?

Here at cloud employees, we’ve come across many employers looking to hire developers. However, they’re often lost on the various skills or jobs a developer is capable of doing. A pertinent question on the minds of many is, "what can a software developer do?" 

Indeed, it is a valid question. Whether you’re a developer or an employer looking to hire, here are a few jobs software developers can do.


1. Scrum Master


A software developer can take the position of a scrum master. Scrum is a procedure that permits groups to make changes quickly by following their agile principles. A scrum master coaches, manages and facilitates how work is done as they get rid of stumbling blocks for their teammates to complete tasks assigned to them and achieve their objectives. If you are after services such as this, then a software developer is your surest bet.


2. Teacher 

Another way you can engage the services of a software developer is to employ them to teach. As mentioned in the introduction, many people are getting more interested in the field of computer science. 


You need someone who possesses quality skills to handle this. You could organize a boot camp for interested persons and engage a qualified software developer's services. 


You can also have them organize online classes for those who cannot come in person for one reason or the other. 


3. Development relationships and advocacy


As the name implies, development relationships and advocacy help create and manage customer relations after selling a product. Development advocates are known for writing posts about products made, how to use them, and their benefits, among others. 


They equally make videos and demos on how to use applications and software created. They are also invited to speak at workshops or conferences; they post the products on social media to throw more light on the product's essence. Many big names in technology and other departments use such people to sell their goods and services.

4. Develop software and applications


As their job title implies, software developers develop software and applications. If you are looking for someone to help you design software that will best suit your customers' needs, a developer can help. Even if you only have an idea about an application, but need help to animate it and bring it to life, you need not look any further. 


Software developers are trained well enough to make applications and software that can be used for various purposes. They can write codes and are very careful about how they go about their work to get the desired results. They are good at what they do and can bring your thoughts and suggestions to life.


5. Website designs


Are you a start-up company looking for someone with a keen eye to create and design a website? Then it would help if you employed a software developer to help you out. 


To make your website stand out and attract more people to your page, it needs to be done exquisitely, and has all the details your existing and potential customers might need. Also, you need a website design that can drive up sales, find some tips here.


6. Training workshops


Although people use teaching and training synonymously, they are not the same. In as much as training can be done in schools, it is mostly done at workplaces. Suppose you would like to train your staff on developing websites, maintaining them, making applications. 


In that case, you will need a software developer's help to take you through all the development stages. They can also train you and your workers on code and other essential software development stuff.


7. Sales Engineer

Not many people hear sales and engineering being used in the same sentencing, but sales engineering is the new big thing. It is a fusion of sales and engineering. 


If you want to develop various scientific or technological products, a software engineer who has in depth knowledge can help. It would help if you had someone who understands the product so well to market it and get your customers' attention to patronize them.


8. Technical Recruiter


How do you recruit people for a job when you do not know precisely what you are about and what the job requires? Before you recruit anyone, you need to know the vacant position, the requisite skills, and a host of others. 


Suppose there are openings for engineers, software developers, and other technical fields. In that case, you can get help from technical recruiters who are resourceful and help make a suitable candidate very smooth.


9. Product manager


Many things go into the making of a product. From the trial stage to the final product and even the packaging and branding are just a few of the production processes. Software developers are indispensable here. Although some people use scrum master and product manager interchangeably, they are not the same.

Product managers take a step back and look at the product thoroughly to determine how useful it will be to customers and whether they will want it if it will make sense to the customer, and if it is possible, for your company to produce the products in question. 


All these can help you save time, money, resources, and stress as you would not have to do trial and error. You only have to assess the product's idea and determine its purpose and feasibility, then you move on from there.


 10. Technical customer support


You may be wondering what a software engineer will be doing with the customer service department. Well, it is not unheard of. Software engineers work in the customer service departments of many businesses to offer technical support to customers on the said business' products and services. 


Some products and tools from individual companies are quite tricky to use and navigate. You will need the help of experts in the field to give more insight into how customers can use the product and offer sound technical advice to customers facing numerous challenges.


11. Data analyst

Analyzing data is not an easy task, especially data used in the running of large businesses. You need to know how data is fed to the systems, how it is processed, as well as the outcome. It further entails the knowledge of business intelligence, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. 


Anyone can indeed learn on the job and become good at what they do, but you need a qualified candidate with a background in engineering and software development for a position such as this. Even when engaged, you can continually encourage this employee to continuously upgrade themselves to the changing trends and attend workshops and boot camps on data analysis.

12. Project manager

Pretty much all businesses across the globe have project managers. They oversee the day to day running of companies and projects they are undertaking. Software developers are useful as managers of projects and products that have a lot of technicalities. 


If you are making an application or a technological product in sync with specific software, you would need the expertise and help of a software engineer to see the project through without any glitches or bugs. 


13. System administrator

A system administrator sees to the maintenance of servers and systems of a company. This job is critical as these servers connect different business aspects for the easy flow of information and other documents. 


Even though many people are moving from the use of local and remote servers to cloud storage facilities and servers, the need for developers to tend to these servers has not changed. You need to understand how the operating systems work and improve the company's data dissemination and storage. 


 14. Test engineers

Before you roll out any software, you need to make sure that it is tried and tested. Have an expert test your software to ascertain whether it is ready and suitable for public consumption. 


They can give you insight into what to do and how to improve the software's state before it is introduced to consumers. They can also help you fix bugs and code errors that may cause your software's total failure. 

Software developers are quite indispensable as they are versatile and can adapt to numerous situations.

We hope you found this article useful. Here at Cloud Employee, we assist both developers looking for work and companies looking to hire dedicated offshore developers across many technologies. Talk to us, learn more how Cloud Employee works, or see our Developer Pricing Guide.

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