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React Developer
3 years of experience

A passionate React JS and React Native Developer with over 2 years of experience. Used Reduz/DVA for handling state. Used React-bootstrap/Ant-desi. . .

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Mid-level React Developer
5 years of experience

Johnson is a leader by nature. He participated in various competitions for developers and has acquired strong leadership, communication and technical . . .

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Junior React Developer
4 years of experience

In more than 3 years of programming experience, Steve believes that he is highly capable of working, maintaining and fixing websites, as well as build. . .

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Senior React Developer
9 years of experience

Alexis is a leader by nature. He has acquired strong leadership, communication and technical skills through  experience. He loves extending his knowle. . .

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View Alexis's CV


Senior React Developer
9 years of experience

Alexis is a leader by nature. He has acquired strong leadership, communication and technical skills through  experience. He loves extending his knowle. . .

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Senior Developer £55 £20 £5,984

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Senior Developer


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How to Hire the Best React Developers

Before hiring React developers, it’s best for employers and recruiters to gain a good understanding of the React framework, the benefits of hiring a React developer, and how to hire the best React developers in the highly competitive tech landscape.


Maintained by Facebook and a community of developers and companies, React was initially released on May 29, 2015. React is a JavaScript library used for building User Interfaces (UI). There are two parts to this definition:

  • React is a library, not a framework. Developers would often need to use more or other libraries to form a solution as it is not a complete solution.
  • React is used to create really good UI. UI is the ‘front’ of the software or machine that users see and interact with. If a device that a business is going to create understands JavaScript, developers can use react to develop a UI for it.


Findings from the 2018 Developer Skills Report found that React has the biggest gap between the developers who are knowledgeable of React and the employers who need developers with this skill set. As such, React developers have a high demand in the market today and will continue to steadily grow in the future.

Why should you hire a React Developer?

Creating UI for a device or application is made easier and more efficient with React. Here are three benefits:



Creating interactive UI is easier as you describe what to render. React will efficiently update and render the right components whenever your data changes. Code are more predictable and can be easily debugged with a declarative view.



With React, developers can build encapsulated components then use it to make complex UI.


Applicable to any code

With React, developers can create new features without rewriting the current code. In addition, react can render on the server using mobile apps using React Native and Node.

What technical skills should you look for when hiring React developers?

When hiring React developers, recruiters and employers must evaluate a candidate’s technical skills and the candidate’s compatibility with the given responsibility. Aside from a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or any related field, here are the basic and ideal technical skills employers and recruiters should look for:


Firm understanding of JavaScript
A good React developer must have a solid knowledge of basic concepts in JavaScript. These ES6 are also essential:

  • Variables and scoping
  • Arrays and objects
  • Array methods
  • Functions and arrow functions
  • DOM manipulation and event handlers
  • Higher order functions and callback functions
  • Prototypal inheritance and object creation
  • ‘Class’ keyword


Knowledgeable in HTML and CSS
All front-end developers are familiar using HTML and CSS as these are major elements in creating the basics of front-end development and are good advantages for developing UI. React developers should then be able to:

  • Code semantic HTML tags
  • Code CSS selectors
  • Apply a CSS reset
  • Understand the CSS box model and know how to reset to border-box
  • Know the CSS flexbox layout  
  • Apply responsive web principles


Basic knowledge of the Android and iOS development
Hire a skilled React developer who is also knows the basics of Swift, Java, and Objective-C. Sometimes, it is also important to use tools from the native side to make an app work.


Broad knowledge of tools and technologies
A good React developer must know useful tools and technologies that he or she can use to create good and responsive applications. As such, it is important for a React developer to learn and keep up-to-date with the latest trends. Here are the most essential tools a React developer should know:

  • Bitrise - used for better workflows and increase automation
  • Sentry error tracking - used to fix crashes and monitor in real-time
  • Hockeyeapp - allows real-time crash reporting, manage testers, collect user feedback, and more
  • Enzyme - a set of tools used to test React applications
  • ESLint - checks if a code is written according to JavaScript patterns
  • Redux - an open-source JavaScript library used to manage the application state
  • Jest - a ready-to-use, zero-configuration tool used to test JavaScript code



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