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Mid-level QA Tester
5 years of experience

Madeline has experience in Manual Testing/Functional Testing for almost six years both for Windows and Web Applications, with strong background in SDL. . .

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Ellie J.

Mid-level QA Tester
6 years of experience

Ellie Jane has over 6 years of solid Software Quality Assurance experience in full System development Life Cycle focused on Web, Mobile and API applic. . .

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View Graciela's CV


Senior QA Tester
13 years of experience

Graciela has worked with different industries including banking, airline, insurance, telecommunications and IT outsourcing firms. She has comprehensiv. . .

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View John's CV

John S.

Junior QA Tester
3 years of experience

Salvador has more than 3 years of experience in Software Testing High level of expertise in Documentation, Specification and Requirements rev. . .

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View Graciela's CV


Senior QA Tester
13 years of experience

Graciela has worked with different industries including banking, airline, insurance, telecommunications and IT outsourcing firms. She has comprehensiv. . .

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How to Hire the Best QA Tester

When hiring QA testers, recruiters or employers should have an idea of the kind the responsibilities and role of the position they are looking for. This comprehensive guide for hiring the best QA testers will answer questions that you might have.


To start off, let us first understand what Software Quality Assurance (SQA) is. By definition, it is a set of tasks done in order to ensure the quality of software engineering processes. SQA ensures that a software product or service complies with the standard quality specifications. It is applied at every phase of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and regularly checks on the software to see if meets the desired quality.


The role of a QA tester is to check for defects or issues and run various tests to ensure that a software product meets the standard qualifications. They also generate reports, collaborate with software developers to correct issues and upgrade databases as needed.


In summary, a QA tester’s responsibility includes:

  • Reviewing and analysing system specifications
  • Testing scripts and reviewing results
  • Reporting and documenting encountered issues


As more businesses continue to integrate software into their processes and create software products and services, the need for QA testers to monitor software quality will continue to be in demand in the coming years. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, employment growth for QA testers is projected to increase by 24% from 2016-2026.

Why should you hire a QA Tester?

For businesses, hiring skilled QA testers can help ensure the production of quality software. Hiring a QA tester can give your business the following advantages:


Efficient software development

Since it is the QA tester’s job to ensure quality software, he or she will so work hand in hand with the software developers to implement the best practices to improve not only the product’s quality but also the team’s overall efficiency. The QA tester enables the team to quickly produce software with little to no issues.


Ensured quality software products or services

QA testers run various tests and debugging at every stage of software development in order to immediately identify and solve bugs and other issues. Once these issues are solved, QA testers run another test to ensure that software products or services are functional and error-free before going out to the market or users.


Customer satisfaction

Ultimately, the QA testers role contributes to providing customers with quality experience and overall satisfaction in the software product or service. In fact, according to the World Quality report, the major reason for conducting tests is to ensure customer satisfaction. By pinpointing issues, addressing them, and making the software more efficient and effective, the end-users or customers can seamlessly use the software product or service.

What technical skills should you look for when hiring QA Tester?

When hiring QA testers, one must carefully take a look at their knowledge and expertise in software quality assurance as well as knowledge of the software development cycle. Aside from finishing a degree in Computer Science, IT or other related tech degrees, here are must-have QA tester skills that you should look for:

  • Knowledge and experience in project management and QA methodology
  • Familiarity with the software development cycle and Agile frameworks
  • Ability to document and troubleshoot bugs and other errors
  • Experience in using test management software such as qTest, JIRA and Zephyr
  • Familiar with SQL
  • Knowledgeable in using defect management tools such as Microsoft Test Manager (MTM) and Bugzilla
  • Knowledge of regression testing is an advantage
  • Good understanding and experience in programming concepts and languages such as Java and C#, among others.
  • Great attention to detail
  • Strong communication, collaboration, and organisational skills
  • Good critical thinking skills





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