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Joshua R.

Junior OpenCart Developer
3 years of experience

A Web Developer with more than 3 years of working experience on PHP. Back End Developer with experience on PHP (CodeIgniter, Laravel), JavaScript (. . .

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View Arnel's CV

Arnel J.

Mid-level OpenCart Developer
6 years of experience

Arnel John is a fantastic all round team player having a wealth of experience for 6 years of Web Development experience working across multiple framew. . .

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View Arjhay's CV


OpenCart Developer
2 years of experience

He has 2 years of total working experience as PHP Developer. He is currently using PHP5 and Laravel framework in a web based application (CRM for Inve. . .

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View Paul's CV

Paul J.

Senior OpenCart Developer
7 years of experience

7 years of Professional experience. Full Stack Developer. Experience in NodeJS. Have​ ​a​ ​broad​ ​technical​ ​knowledge​ ​and​ ​thrives​ ​to​ ​extend. . .

View Paul's CV
View Paul's CV

Paul J.

Senior OpenCart Developer
7 years of experience

7 years of Professional experience. Full Stack Developer. Experience in NodeJS. Have​ ​a​ ​broad​ ​technical​ ​knowledge​ ​and​ ​thrives​ ​to​ ​extend. . .

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Software Developer Levels UK Contract Jobs Cloud Employee Monthly Cost Savings
Junior Developer £30 £14 £3,872
Mid Level Developer £45 £17 £4,928
Senior Developer £55 £20 £5,984

Please note that prices are from* and act as a general “guide” negotiated “per developer” on their unique programming language expertise, years of experience and individual salary requirements.

Below you will find out our UK IT Pricing Guide and a collection of customers' experience with Cloud Employee.

AVG Cloud Employee VS AVG Contractor
Junior Developer
Mid Level Developer
Senior Developer


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Cloud Employee Developer

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How to Hire the Best OpenCart Developers

Similar to Shopify and WooCommerce, OpenCart is a free, open source and PHP-based online e-commerce platform that also uses HTML components and a MySQL database. Available under the GNU General Public License, the platform can support various languages and currencies.


Various large firms, startups, and independent sellers use OpenCart to establish their online brand or store due to the following reasons:

  • OpenCart provides customisable templates
  • It features an automatic image resizing
  • The platform contains a wide variety of categories and products
  • OpenCart can support multi-language and multi-currency services
  • It allows more than 20 payment gateways
  • Documentation is available for free
  • OpenCart is SEO and mobile-friendly
  • Businesses are secure with its fraud management services such as ClearSale


As of May 2016, the number of online stores using OpenCart has already reached 342,000. It had already surpassed Magento with just 90,000 sites. Due to its wide range of available features and extensions, OpenCart is recommended for e-commerce stores of all sizes, budget, and industry.

Why should you hire an OpenCart developer?

Build a brand-consistent online store
Hiring an OpenCart developer allows you to further customise your chosen template or create an online store from scratch, according to your branding. In addition, your OpenCart developer can build feature-rich and interactive online stores or mobile apps that cater to all industry verticals making your online store more engaging. The more visually appealing your online store is, the more it can attract more users and eventually convert them into customers.


Test your online store before going live
With an OpenCart developer, you can ensure that a feature or a website is tested, debugged, and quality checked before it goes live. By doing so, you make sure that all features on your site work, that all content is correct and that the online store will work on multiple devices.


Easily develop and maintain your online store
Having your own OpenCart developer building and maintaining your online store can ensure that you have someone knowledgeable and dedicated to improving your site. As an entrepreneur, you don’t have to worry about technicalities especially if you’re not familiar with web development. As long as you have a vision for your online store, your OpenCart developer can execute it according to your requirements. As a result, you can focus on managing your remote team, selling your products, and growing your business.

What technical skills should you look for when hiring OpenCart developers?

When you hire OpenCart developers, hiring managers must properly assess if a candidate’s technical skills are compatible with your project requirements. Aside from having a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or any related field, here are the ideal technical skills employers should look for when hiring an OpenCart developer:

  • Experience in developing OpenCart projects across industries
  • Broad knowledge and proven experience in the following technologies: PHP, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, XML, Zend, jQuery, AJAX
  • Familiar with databases such as MySQL and PostgreSQL, among others
  • Good understanding of concepts such as MVC (Model-View-Controller), SVN (Subversion), e-commerce, social media business intelligence, and OOPS (Object Oriented Programming System)
  • Familiar with Bootstrap and Apache


Remember that technical requirements may still vary depending on your project scope and specifications.



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