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How to Hire the Best Lead Generation Specialist

When hiring lead generation specialists, businesses must first know what to look for to find the right lead generation specialist, such as the must-have qualities and technical skills. To help you know the essential qualifications that you need to look for, this article will give you the information you need to hire the best lead generation specialists.

To start understanding more about lead generation, let’s begin with defining what is a lead. Simply put, a ‘lead’ is a person who is interested in your business’ product or service. After establishing communication with a business, a lead would receive emails or calls of offers from that business, instead of a cold call who has purchased the lead’s contact information.

Let’s say you answered an online survey about IT outsourcing. After which, you receive an email from the outsourcing company where you took the survey offering you their services. Instead of getting a random cold call, receiving an email from someone you are familiar with would be less intrusive and more effective for you and the business.

For businesses, data collected from leads allow them to customise and personalise how to address a lead’s needs or problems.

After defining a lead, what then is lead generation? To put it briefly, lead generation is the process of attracting and gathering potential customers or clients for the sales team who will be converting these leads into actual customers or clients.

For any business, the most common lead generators are blog posts, online content, job applications, online surveys, and coupons, among others.

These methods usually work better for most consumers as it is a natural way of familiarising potential customers to your business and eventually converting them to buyers.

Why should you hire a Lead Generation Specialist?

For businesses, hiring skilled lead generation specialists can help your business reach a wider target audience, attract more potential customers, and ultimately, generate more sales. Most businesses hire lead generation specialists in order for their Sales team to focus on actually dealing and making sales. Here are just some of the reasons why businesses should consider hiring a lead generation specialist:

Attract a targeted audience

Using the various lead generators mentioned previously, businesses can effectively attract and gain the right audience for your products or services. In turn, this audience also has the potential to be buyers and loyal customers in the future.

Naturally convert potential customers to actual buyers

Consumers who express organic interest in your products or services have a more natural transition from a consumer to a customer. Lead generation specialists are responsible for maintaining this organic consumer’s interest in the business so that the sales team can eventually convert them into a customer or client.

Spread your brand online

Through lead generation, businesses are not only attracting and gaining potential customers, but businesses are also giving more exposure to their brand, products, and services to a wider audience.

What skills should you look for when hiring Lead Generation Specialist?

Even though there’s no need for advanced technical skills, businesses should still be thorough when hiring lead generation specialists. Aside from finishing any four-year degree such as IT, Communication, Business, or Marketing, here are must-have lead generation specialist skills that you should look for:

Communication skills

Effective written and verbal communication is an essential skill to look for especially if your lead generation specialist will be working with a lead generation team. Regardless of the target audience and business function, a lead generation specialist’s communication skills will play an integral role in the prospecting and selling process.

From writing compelling emails and other content for lead generation to effectively communicating with the sales team, the ability to communicate enables businesses to successfully gain more customers and make more sales.


To effectively generate leads, one must have a strong understanding of a business’ target market. A good lead generation specialist must be able to thoroughly research on the target market’s goals, habits, interests, and other information that will be relevant to finding prospective customers. In turn, research improves the quality of leads that your business will gain. More quality leads mean a higher possibility of making sales.

Understanding of social media

Social media is definitely a modern platform that is proving to be beneficial when prospecting leads. In fact, according to a study by Impact Branding & Design, 75% of B2C companies have found leads from Facebook, while 65% of B2B companies found leads from LinkedIn.

A good lead generation specialist must have basic knowledge on how to use several social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn and have a good understanding of its impact and effectiveness when sourcing for leads.

However, it is also important to note that gathering leads through social media can highly depend on the industry and the product or service being offered. Gathering leads through these platforms are not the most efficient or effective method for businesses to gain quality leads. Nonetheless, social media has become a good platform for businesses to spread their brand, earn the trust of consumers, and establish their authority in their industry.

Take note that the qualifications mentioned above are recommended skills that you should look for. These may still change depending on your business’ needs.


How much is the usual rate for Lead Generation Specialist?

How much would it cost to hire lead generation specialist? To give you an idea, here’s a comparison of the different rates for lead generation specialist based on different Western countries. The following rates are according to figures from Totaljobs, PayScale, Glassdoor, and Neuvoo.

  Average Lead Generation Specialist Annual Salary Average Lead Generation Specialist Hourly Rate
United Kingdom GBP 29,000 GBP 10
United States USD 43,745 USD 14.86
Canada CAD 40,950 CAD 21
Australia AUS 65,000 AUS 21.95

Though hiring lead generation specialists are not as expensive as hiring local developers, the need to hire a team of lead generators would add up to a costly budget. As such many businesses would opt to hire offshore lead generation specialist instead due to its more affordable price. Aside from this, outsourcing specialist allows businesses to easily find and immediately hire specialist due to the larger pool of available talents in offshore locations. However, as with all business partnerships, the key to a successful outsourcing experience is to find the right outsourcing partner.

As the UK’s leading outsourcing provider for software development and back-office, Cloud Employee offers businesses across industries a convenient, cost-effective and risk-free outsourcing solution. With us, hiring offshore lead generation has become more accessible due to our affordable offshore rates.

What interview techniques should you use to hire the best Lead Generation specialist?

After receiving applications from candidates, the next important step to hiring lead generation specialists is to thoroughly assess their digital knowledge and research abilities. To hire the best lead generation specialists, here are some interview questions and methods that you can try.

Ask them what skills and experience make them qualify for the position

While this question can already be answered through the contents of their resume, asking them again during the interview can help you know more about these skills and their experience from their previous jobs. The key is to listen carefully and ask them important questions as to how these skills relate to what they can offer to your company.

Know how they juggle their activities

Lead generation specialists can have a variety of tasks that they might accomplish within a day in order to reach a certain number of required leads and sales. By asking this question, recruiters and employers can get an idea of how a candidate prioritises and organises his or her tasks. Organisation and prioritisation shall be important skills for a lead generation specialist because of the different tasks they must take on within their day.

Conduct exams

For some companies, they don’t conduct practical exams when hiring lead generations specialists. This can be a risky move for a company for a candidate may not be really suited for the role. With practical exams, employers and recruiters can gain a good insight into a lead generation candidate’s true capabilities. In turn, companies can significantly save on hiring costs and prevent the business from losing more costs over a bad hire. As such, it is always best to give a practical exam and see the results before hiring a candidate.

A practical exam for a lead generation specialist can greatly depend on what a company looks for. There is no right or wrong way to conduct this test, as long as the exam you prepare will bring out the abilities that you want for a lead generation specialist.

To give you an idea, here’s a short test that you can apply to hire the right lead generation specialist for your company:

In 15 or 30 mins (whichever you prefer), have your candidate research for as many leads as he or she can according to a set of criteria or requirements and within the given time. These requirements may include the location and type of lead or business that you are looking for. You may also set your own quota or allow them to find as much as they can. If you’re also using a certain tool to generate leads, then allow them to use it. Otherwise, they may use whatever resources they can online.

The candidate who successfully produces leads according to your specifications within the required timeframe would be your ideal lead generation specialist.

How can Cloud Employee help you?

Prospecting and generating new clients is an important part of any business. Reaching out to potential new customers and generating leads is a marketing domain, something your sales team might not have the time and the energy to do. For many companies with a small sales team, an outsourcing lead generation is a strategic option for the great advantages it gives - increasing efficiency and reducing specialist costs are just two of the many reasons.

Cloud Employee can help you build and hire a professional lead generation specialist in the Philippines. With our custom-recruitment process and dedicated staffing model, you can have your offshore lead generation team fast and risk-free.

To start hiring lead generation specialist with us, simply email us your lead generation specialist requirements which includes your requirements such as essential skills, years of experience, and so on. We do a custom search locally and present you with candidate CVs. From this pool, you select the best-qualified ones for interviews and technical testing. This way you get to hire the lead generation specialist you want on your team. Throughout the process, you don’t pay for any recruitment fees. You also get to have the flexibility of hiring one or more lead generation specialists with us.

Once your dedicated lead generation specialist joins your team, they work exclusively for your lead generation campaigns. You manage them directly from our Philippine offices where they report to you on your business hours according to your methods and processes, making them an actual part of your in-house team. Workspace, hardware, software, internet connection, and IT support are provided to ensure your offshore team gets the job done.

On top of it, Cloud Employee handles all work permits, licensing, insurance, taxes, HR and payroll, all the general admin tasks. With us you get to work with your offshore specialist quickly and risk-free, empowering you to focus on your business.

An outsourced lead generation specialist can help maximize your marketing reach while keeping your lead pipeline full. If your small sales team is more productive working with already qualified prospects, outsourcing your B2B or B2C lead generation with Cloud Employee can be the business solution you’re looking for. Hire your dedicated lead generation specialist with Cloud Employee, build your leads, and hit that sales target!

What is the dedicated hiring model?

Suitable for companies who would like to outsource their lead generation, the dedicated hiring model is a flexible outsourcing model that allows outsourcing parties to gain close control over the hiring process. As a result, it can effectively reduce problems in communication commonly experienced when outsourcing.

Aside from this, another main advantage of this outsourcing model is its flexibility. Companies who outsource lead generation specialists using this model can easily scale their offshore team or business any time during a project. As a result, companies now have freedom over long-running contracts.


  • Well-suited for long-term projects with unclear scope and details, and for short-term projects with definite scope and details.
  • Costs can still be calculated despite no definite scope and requirements.
  • Best for companies who prefer direct communication with their offshore lead generation specialist.
  • Businesses can monitor their offshore lead generation specialist’s progress and work quality.
  • The offshore lead generation specialist becomes an effective extension of your business and in-house team as they exclusively work for you under your guidelines, standards, and goals.

Combining the benefits of the dedicated hiring model and Cloud Employee’s 20 years of IT outsourcing knowledge and experience, our dedicated team offers various companies around the world with a low-risk, hassle-free, and cost-effective alternative to hiring lead generation specialists.

Cloud Employee’s very own dedicated staffing model has been modified to flexibly adapt to the IT needs of growing teams and businesses. Our model has minimised the tedious hiring process, allowed better working practices, and bridged the tech talent gap—all for a cost-effective industry rate. Indeed, Cloud Employee takes pride in the fact that our business model has helped countless businesses with their tech and back-office hiring needs.



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