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C++ Developer
5 years of experience

Jevan has been a full-stack developer for more than 2 years. He can build applications such as web and mobile. In developing web applications, he alwa. . .

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Senior C++ Developer
12 years of experience

Working in the IT industry for 10 years specializing in Microsoft technologies. He climbed from junior to senior developer and eventually became a tea. . .

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Mid-level C++ Developer
6 years of experience

Has more than 4 years of experience in software development focusing on .NET technologies. Experienced in developing and designing new and existing. . .

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Junior C++ Developer
4 years of experience

Responsible, innovative, passionate and committed professional with a get-it-done approach. Experience in designing and implementing desktop and we. . .

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View Precy's CV


Junior C++ Developer
4 years of experience

Responsible, innovative, passionate and committed professional with a get-it-done approach. Experience in designing and implementing desktop and we. . .

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Junior Developer £30 £14 £3,872
Mid Level Developer £45 £17 £4,928
Senior Developer £55 £20 £5,984

Please note that prices are from* and act as a general “guide” negotiated “per developer” on their unique programming language expertise, years of experience and individual salary requirements.

Below you will find out our UK IT Pricing Guide and a collection of customers' experience with Cloud Employee.

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How to Hire the Best C++ Developers

To hire the best C++ developers, employers and recruiters should have a basic understanding of what C++ is and how a skilled C++ developer can help in your business’ web and application development project. To find the right C++ developer for your business venture, it is important to know what you and your development project can gain from their services.

C++ is a programming language known for its powerful capabilities in creating web and desktop applications such as the Adobe programs and Microsoft Windows operating systems. As it is a complex and powerful language, C++ is also often used for applications such as games, operating systems and low-level programming that require advanced control of hardware on the PC or server.

C++ was created to enable objects and instance methods to be added to the original C language. Its formation was based on the idea that object-oriented programming is more efficient and effective when it comes to working with larger software projects.

Due to its large usage in the IT development scene, a great number of frameworks and libraries have been built to extend C++, innovative functions were introduced which include, high-performance graphics, audio digital signal processing and user interface design.

With C++ extensive and powerful capabilities, big to small businesses looking into hiring a C++ developer will gain a lot as your dedicated developer will be able to provide the right assistance and results that your business needs.

Why should you hire a C++ developer?

When developing an app using the C++ programming language, it is highly important to have the right members in your development team that possess the knowledge and understanding the many functions of C++.

C++ is ideal for large, performance-sensitive projects that have a great need for object-oriented designs such as high-end video games and graphics programming. When you combine a powerful language such as C++ along with an expert developer, you will be able to give your development project a better chance of success.

With a skilled C++ developer, they will be able to provide services that ensure that your development project runs smoothly in an efficient and timely manner. Having a C++ developer as part of your team ensures that your business’ development project is in good hands.

Your dedicated C++ developer will be responsible for the following:

  • Creating the build and design of the C++ code
  • Ensures that the C++ code is efficient, reusable and reliable
  • Identifies and resolves bottlenecks and bugs within the system
  • Maintains code quality, functionality and organisation

These responsibilities should not be taken lightly, as they are what will build and help maintain your development project from the beginning till the end.

What are the technical skills of a C++ developer?

When considering to hire a C++ developer, it is important to look into the technical skills that each candidate possesses. Having an IT related degree does not immediately make one qualified for your specified development project. Knowing their technical capabilities helps to give an idea of what type of work they are able to produce, as well as whether their credentials are what you are looking for.

To help you know what to look for in a C++ developer, here are some technical skills that a qualified C++ developer should possess:

  • Must have a strong proficiency in C++ programming language
  • Knowledgeable of the standard library, STL containers and algorithms
  • Understands memory management within non-garbage collected environments
  • Understand dynamic polymorphism
  • Knows C++ specific notions, like friend classes
  • Knowledgeable with templating in C++
  • Familiar with low-level threading primitives, as well as real-time environments
  • Has experience with embedded systems design and low-level hardware interactions
  • Knows system call wrapper library functions
  • Able to write native modules used for high-level languages which include Node.js, Python, Go, etc.
  • Knowledge of component data sheets and specifications

With these skills, you are assured that your C++ developer is able to produce the type of work that you require in your development project.

How much is the usual rate for C++ developers?

To get an idea of how much it would cost to hire locally, here’s a comparison showing a C++ developer’s average annual salary and hourly rate from four different Western countries. All salaries and hourly rates come from Neuvoo, PayScale and ITjobswatch.


  Average C++ Developer Annual Salary Average C++ Developer Hourly Rate
United Kingdom GBP 35,071 GBP 45.00
United States USD 69,843 USD 27.91
Canada CAD 77,419 CAD 24.96
Australia AUD 68,905 AUD 24.96


To save up to 65%, many companies today have ventured onto offshoring as a better alternative when it comes to hiring qualified C++ developers at competitive industry rates.

Cloud Employee, a trusted offshoring service provider, has connected startups and big tech firm from Western countries like the UK, Canada and the United States with skilled IT developers to support their IT requirements. When you work with Cloud Employee, hiring the best offshore C++ developers is done faster, risk-free and cost-effectively.

What interview techniques should you use to hire the best C++ developer?

Although it is important to have a C++ developer with a wide range of technical skills and experience, there are still other factors to consider when hiring. To find the best match, further assessments are helpful in the hiring process. It is encouraged to use interview techniques to further narrow down the right developer for your development project.

Conducting a video call interview allows businesses to get to know each candidate in a much more personal way. During the interview, it is important to ask about their previous experiences and projects.

Here are some questions that could be asked during the interview:

  • What were your recent projects?
  • If faced with issues during the development, how were they able to resolve it?
  • What was the outcome of the project?
  • Were their clients satisfied with the work that they have produced?

As you interview each candidate, you can also assess how well you interact with them. The interview allows you to get a good grasp of the candidate’s attitudes and how well they can understand you. Through this, you can tell whether or not you would consider working with them.

After the video interview, technical tests are conducted to ensure that the candidate is as proficient in the C++ programming language. With the technical tests, you will be able to examine how well the C++ developer knows the program and whether they are capable of the type of work that you need to be produced. Further reassuring that the candidate that you’ve picked is the right choice for your business’ development project.

Here are some technical questions that you can ask your potential C++ developers:

Q: Create a template function IsDerivedFrom() that takes class C and class P as template parameters. It should return true when class C is derived from class P and false otherwise.

A: The template function is already a part of the C++11 std library (std::is_base_of) or part of the boost library for C++ (boost::is_base_of).  The code is as follows:


template<typename D, typename B>
class IsDerivedFromHelper
   class No { };
   class Yes { No no[3]; };
   static Yes Test( B* );
   static No Test( ... );
   enum { Is = sizeof(Test(static_cast<D*>(0))) == sizeof(Yes) };
template <class C, class P>
bool IsDerivedFrom() {
   return IsDerivedFromHelper<C, P>::Is;

Q: What is the difference between class and struct?

A: The access modifiers are the only difference between a class and a struct. Class members are private and struct members are public. Classes are best to be used with an object that has methods and structs, on the other hand, are best practised when you have a simple data object.

Q: What are the different types of Inheritance in C++?

A: There are different types of Inheritance that are:

  • Single Inheritance: Refers to the inheritance when there is only one parent class and child class.
  • Multiple Inheritance: Refers to inheritance when a derived class inherits the properties of two or more classes.
  • Multilevel Inheritance: Refers to inheritance when the derived class is base class for another class.
  • Hierarchical Inheritance: Refers to inheritance when multiple derived classes inherit the properties of the same base class.
  • Hybrid Inheritance: Refers to Virtual Inheritance. A combination of Multilevel and Hierarchical inheritance.

How can Cloud Employee help you?

Cloud Employee is a UK-managed IT outsourcing company giving you access to the best C++ developers the Philippines has to offer. We strive to become your reliable outsourcing partner by helping you hire offshore highly skilled C++ developers at a fast and risk-free manner.

Our simple process lets you build your offshore development team in 2-4 weeks. Start by sending us your staffing requirements, and our team does tailored recruitment for you immediately. After a pre-screening, we provide you with a shortlist of candidate CVs from which you pick the developers you’re interested in interviewing.  It is also encouraged to conduct technical tests, to further assess each candidate’s capabilities, so you can be assured that you’re only hiring the talent you want.

When you hire offshore C++ developers with Cloud Employee, you gain a dedicated developer working exclusively for you. They work on the time zone you prefer and report directly to you, making them an efficient extension of your in-house team.

While they work, Cloud Employee makes sure they are provided with the necessary hardware, software, high-speed internet connection, and IT support to help them deliver quality output. We also take care of matters such as licensing, payroll, taxes, HR and general admin so you can freely focus on managing your business.

Offshoring your C++ development needs can be a cost-effective and strategic solution for your business. With Cloud Employee, you can hire C++ developers with a broad range of skill sets including Java, Objective-C, C++ Standard Library, C/C++ Compilers.

What is the Dedicated Hiring Model?

The Dedicated Hiring Model helps in-house teams directly and seamlessly work with dedicated offshore developers. Through this unique model, communication will no longer be an issue as your dedicated C++ developer will adopt your development project’s infrastructure and methodologies.

Our model’s flexibility has made the model considered to be one of the best. At any point during the development project, you are able to request for additional tech talents, equipment and resources for the project’s needs. As a result, scaling in team and resources has been made much easier and efficient with the dedicated hiring model.  

Aside from this, a business would only need to pay a single sum of money which already includes your offshore C++ developer’s monthly salary and the offshore provider’s service fee.


  • Perfect for long-term projects with flexible project scope and unspecified requirements
  • Predictable budget even with undefined project scope and requirements
  • Have full control when hiring Front end developers and managing your offshore C++ developer
  • Clients can monitor, evaluate, and assure product quality throughout the development
  • The offshore team can further understand and incorporate the client’s goals, objectives, quality and expectations
  • The offshore team is dedicated to working exclusively for you

The dedicated hiring model is recommended for businesses that:

  • Would rather work with a dedicated C++developer or team for their project
  • Opt to cut down on expenses in terms of the hiring process
  • Need flexibility in terms of workload and scalability during the project’s development

Integrating both the dedicated hiring model’s structure and Cloud Employee’s 20 years of experience in the IT outsourcing industry, our team offers a business model proven effective and truly unique. Our business model has streamlined the hiring process, allowed working practices to be flexible, and bridged the gap between both teams—all for a competitive industry rate. Tried and tested with over a hundred of our clients, Cloud Employee believes our business model works better than IT outsourcing.


  • Access to the best tech talent in the Philippines
  • End-to-end client control from custom-recruitment to direct developer management
  • 100% Dedicated Developers working on mirrored working hours
  • Full client support with our After Care Team


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