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Darcie M.

Mid-level C Developer
7 years of experience

Experienced Software and Application Developer using Java and J2EE technology. Handled different projects domains including telecommunications, ban. . .

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C Developer
9 years of experience

Highly skilled and hardworking developer that handled different projects domains including telecommunications, banking, and travel management which . . .

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Junior C Developer
3 years of experience

Addy is a Software Engineer utilizing open source technologies and experience on big data, web services and integration. Has 3 years of experience on . . .

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Senior C Developer
15 years of experience

Donald has been in the industry for more than 14 years with 8 years specifically focusing on Java Development. Has experience working with Java EE, Ja. . .

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View Arlynn's CV


C Developer
9 years of experience

Highly skilled and hardworking developer that handled different projects domains including telecommunications, banking, and travel management which . . .

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Price Per Hour Comparison

Software Developer Levels UK Contract Jobs Cloud Employee Monthly Cost Savings
Junior Developer £30 £14 £3,872
Mid Level Developer £45 £17 £4,928
Senior Developer £55 £20 £5,984

Please note that prices are from* and act as a general “guide” negotiated “per developer” on their unique programming language expertise, years of experience and individual salary requirements.

Below you will find out our UK IT Pricing Guide and a collection of customers' experience with Cloud Employee.

AVG Cloud Employee VS AVG Contractor
Junior Developer
Mid Level Developer
Senior Developer


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UK Developer

£40 per hour

AVG Cost

Cloud Employee Developer

£16 per hour

Clients save on average £60,000 per annum

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How to Hire the Best Offshore C Developers

The more informed you are before making an important decision is simply a practical thing to do. As such, always consider the facts and have a more in-depth understanding of what is C programming language before you start recruiting the best offshore C developers into your development team.


What is C? It is a general-purpose, imperative computer programming language. Designed by Dennis Ritchie, American computer scientists, and co-developed by Bell Labs, an industrial research and scientific development company owned by a Finnish company headquartered in New Jersey. The C programming language was first published in the early 1970s, it was originally created to make utilities that run on Unix, a family of multitasking, multi-user computer operating systems.


Over the years, C progressively gained popularity. Nowadays, it is one of the most widely used programming languages with a compiler from various vendors available for the majority of computer architectures and operating systems.


The C programming language was designed to be compiled using a straightforward compiler. It provides low-level access to memory, language constructs that efficiently map to machine instructions and only require minimal runtime support. Here are some features and reasons why it’s still widely popular and used even today:

  • It has a robust language that can be used to write any complex program.
  • C compilers combine capabilities of an assembly language.
  • Programs written in C are efficient and fast.
  • It is highly portable, meaning it can run on other machines with little to no modifications,
  • It is essentially a collection of functions that are supported by the C library.


The role of a skilled C developer is very important. They help actualize the idea of their clients and expedite the process of completing their tech projects with their expert knowledge and understanding of the C programming language.

Why should you hire a C developer?

Technology is at the forefront of change. From the very first computer to our handheld supercomputers, technology is intrinsic and ubiquitous in our lives as new developments are made more accessible. Some of these developments are felt through technological consumer products, from devices to software.


Here are some of the benefits businesses that hire the best and highly skilled C developers stand to gain in the process of adding them to their next tech project.


Structure Oriented

C is a structured programming language, developers can break the program into parts using functions. It makes it easy to understand and further modify the code for the C developers.


Time Efficient

The compilation and time it takes to execute in C language is fairly fast since there are fewer inbuilt functions and overhead making tech project development for your C developers considerably efficient.



Without a doubt C is a powerful programming language, that’s why it’s been around for decades already, and have a wide variety of data types, functions, control statements, and decision making statements. At the hands of developers such as your skilled offshore C development team, this dynamic programming language can be fully utilized to deliver you the high-quality tech projects.



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