What to Expect During the European Women in Tech 2018

Part of the fastest-growing women in tech events in the world, European Women in Tech 2018 returns to Amsterdam this November 28-29 to celebrate, connect, and empower European women working in technology.


With attendees from all over the continent, it is Europe’s largest women in tech event with an expected number of over 3,000 participants.


The two-day event will feature key speakers, mostly female leaders in technology, from Google, Nokia, Microsoft for Startups, and HP, among many others. It will also include technical classes, personal development workshops, and networking opportunities—all aiming to educate and act on gender diversity in tech.


If you’re planning to join the conference, check out what’s in store in this year’s European Women in Tech.




Coming from a range of expertise, here are some of the women leaders in technology who will share their inspiring stories and valuable insights during the conference.


Raisa Cuevas

Conversion & UX Specialist at Google



During last year’s conference, we met Raisa as she worked on building websites and open source projects at Google in London. Now on her second year on the stage, Raisa comes back with her new role to create digital experiences that help users understand the brand.


Catch Raisa in her Soft Skills Talk titled, “Internationalise Yourself” where she talks about working abroad, improving cultural understanding to build better products, and gaining valuable experience to level up yourself and your career.



Marlene de Koning

Lead Solutions Consultant at LinkedIn


Having been at LinkedIn since 2012 as a consultant, Marlene now works as a Team Lead responsible for growing LinkedIn’s digital media and new products as well as for bringing digital transformation to clients. In addition, she’s also passionate about creating gender-balanced leadership for the future generation and does so as a board member of the Professional Women’s Network Amsterdam and Women@LinkedIn.


Join Marlene as she discusses why soft skills matter in the tech industry, and more in her talks How to Make yourself Resilient for the Future of Work.



Noga Tal

Head of Strategic Partnerships and Initiatives at Microsoft for Startups


Noga’s role at Microsoft is to build and manage some of its newest international startup engagement programs and partnerships, especially those for female founders and under-represented groups. Aside from this, she is a dedicated advocate of women in tech as she also mentors and coaches women during her spare time.


Together with Dr. Anna Lukasson-Herzig, Noga shares how to be a successful female founder and gives insights on how the industry can create a more equal business landscape in her talk, “The Startup Future is Female – Harnessing the Opportunities of Entrepreneurship”.



Elena Sokolova

Team Lead, Data Science at


As the Team Lead of’s Data Science team, Elena works with her team to build machine learning models to personalise the user experience on their website. Before joining the team, Elena finished her PhD in Machine Learning at Radboud University, Netherlands.


Catch her talk on “Challenges of Building Machine Learning Models in Production” where she gives an overview of common challenges faced when building machine learning models and shares solutions for these problems.



Luciana Broggi

Enterprise Solutions GM, EMEA at HP, Inc.


Luciana Broggi has had successful leadership roles prior to becoming an Enterprise Solutions GM. Her previous roles included being the General Western Europe (GWE) General Manager for the Personal and Printing Systems Organisation (PPS) in HP, the Vice President of the Global Customer Support Services Organisation for PPS in HP, and the VP and GM of the Channel sales Organisations (CSO) for HP’s Personal Systems Group (PSG) in Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ), among many other leadership roles within HP.


Catch this wonder woman in the four-panel talk, “Why Diversity Make You Smarter” as they discuss how companies can include diversity to create smarter solutions to problem-solving.




Diverse Topics


The Future of Technology

  • Why Diversity Makes You Smarter
    Learn how to add diversity and inclusiveness in your business to come up with smarter solutions and understand why the power of people drives success.

    Panel: Lesley Slaton Brown (Chief Diversity Officer at HP), Sharon Ellerker (VP and Regional Head of HR - EMEA at HP), Luciana Broggi (Enterprise Solutions GM - EMEA at HP), Claire Bramley (Regional Head of Finance - EMEA at HP).


  • Winning in the New Era of “Little” Data
    Know how the ‘little’ data from billions of AI and IoT-enabled devices can transform businesses in the future and how your business can get valuable and reliable data.

    Speaker: Bee Hayes-Thakore (Director of Business Enablement, IoT Services Group at Arm)


  • Emotional Intelligence: Does it Really Make a Difference?
    Learn about the IT market’s most important developments: the concept of digital empathy and its growing need.

    Speaker: Ineke Verwijs (Head of Digital Technology Services at Fujitsu Technology Solutions)


Career & Personal Development

  • How to Succeed in a Man’s World
    Highlights the challenges faced while working in the car making industry and shares how to overcome these. The speaker also shares some tips on how to advance your career while being a parent.

    Speaker: Dr. Carina Kögler (Head of Plant Service at Audi)


  • #MeTech - Taking Control
    Discusses the issue of why there are few women in senior tech roles and provides tips and strategies to overcome these obstacles and to get a well-deserved recognition and promotion.

    Speaker: Inecke Snyder-Lourens (Director, Professional Services at Cognifide)


  • #Imposter #Fraud #NotMe
    Become aware of the Imposter Syndrome and its effects and learn to manage your mind through the power of reframing.

    Speaker: Joanne Thurlow (Head of IT at Siemens)


Tech Talks

  • Memoirs of a Geisha: Building AI without Gender Bias
    Have you noticed what Siri, Alexa and Anna (Ikea) have in common? They’re all voices of women. This talk answers the question: Is there a way to build AI without gender stereotypes?

    Speaker: Laura Andina (Product Manager at Telefonica Digital)


  • Defeating Diabolical Adversaries with Advanced Cyber Security Tactics
    Learn how cyber attacks have developed over the past year, what your significant role in the cyber battle is, and how we are taking action with new cyber attack trends.

    Speaker: Rini Icent Gopinath (Information Security Expert at ABN AMRO


  • Challenges of Building Machine Learning Models in Production
    Know why a lot of data doesn’t necessarily mean good data, learn how data can still contain biases and affect the accuracy of your models, and understand why you should always test your models to evaluate its real performance.

    Speaker: Elena Sokolova (Team Lead, Data Science at 


Founders & Entrepreneurs

  • Building Business in Blockchain
    Jessica Hofmann shares her insights on building a first-class customer relationship, creating successful business strategies, and realising a realistic timeframe when exploring Blockchain.

    Speaker: Jessica Hofmann (Founder at Atos Blockchain Factory)


  • So You Want to Be Your Own Boss?
    Get insight and advice on how to start your company plus tips on how to choose your co-founders and members, and learn the importance of choosing the right market and getting your customers.

    Speaker: Tatyana Mitkova (Co-Founder and CEO at ClaimCompass)


  • Leading Remote, Distributed Teams & Digital Nomad-ism
    Know how to find and train the right people, scale your business, and gain a deeper understanding of the digital nomad lifestyle.

    Speaker: Rhiannon Payne (CEO at Seafoam Media)


Emerging Technology

  • Futureproof-Professional - How to Deal with Blockchain-Based Software
    Learn more about blockchain and its disruptive nature and know how to deal with the challenges it presents. Since innovation is inevitable, learn how to be future-proof in this talk.

    Speaker: Sanne Visser (Software Tester at Nederlandse Spoorwegen)


  • Reinforcement Learning: The Less Hyped Approach to AI
    In this seminar, attendees will learn about reinforcement learning, its difficulties when put into practice, and some of its limitations and future predictions.

    Speaker: Violeta Misheva (Data Scientist at ABN AMRO)


  • The Benefits & Challenges of Neurodiversity
    Discussing the potential of neurodiversity in the European tech industry, Viola will also tackle its benefits and its common misconceptions and will give advice on how to work and manage staff with different cognitive styles.

    Speaker: Viola Sommer (Chief Operating Officer at Auticon)


Product, Design & Agile

  • Building High-Quality Products with Multiple Distributed Dev Team
    In this talk, Lilia shares the how-tos of balancing tactical and strategic goals, moving from a distributed group to a team, and more.

    Speaker: Lilia Gorbachik (Product Manager at Intermedia)


  • Customer Centricity in B2B Marketing
    Get to know the marketing best practices, challenges and opportunities so your business can become a more customer-centric organisation.

    Speaker: Linh Bergen-Peters (CMO at Spotcap)


  • The Future is Agile, Teal and Feminine!
    A discussion on the future of agile, what a teal organisation looks like, and how women are prepared for this kind of future.

    Speaker: Therese Bihn (Project Manager Digital & Innovation at KfW)


Master Classes

  • Building Machine Learning Services with AWS Sagemaker
    Iulia discusses how to build, train, and deploy machine learning models using the AWS Sagemaker.

    Speaker: Iulia Pasov (Data Engineer at Sixt)


  • CYBER DEFENSE 2018: An Overview of HIDS, NIDS & IPS Systems
    Get an overview of Intrusion Detection Systems, Intrusion Prevention Systems, and Host-Based Intrusions Detection Systems, and learn about the popular tools they use. The talk will also briefly present hacking techniques.

    Speaker: Sylvia Chidi (Director of IT at Emanuel School)


  • Fast Prototypes with Flutter + Kotlin/Native
    This master class will use Flutter, a free and open source tool, to quickly create native mobile apps. In this class, the Kotlin/Native business model will be applied so both Android and iOS apps can share the same source code.

    Speaker: Ayelen Chavez (Mobile Engineering Manager at OLX Group)


Soft Skills

  • Internationalise Yourself
    Develop a competitive edge in your career by learning how to become a valuable individual and teammate through working abroad.

    Speaker: Raisa Cuevas (Conversion & UX Specialist at Google)


  • If you’re Aiming for a Management Role in Tech, Be a Generalist - Not a Specialist
    The talk aims to discuss concerns on the continued underrepresentation of women in leadership positions in the tech industry and how to overcome it.

    Speaker: Maria Anselmi (Group Director, Data at Bisnode)


  • How to Make yourself Resilient for the Future of Work
    In this ever-changing world, Marlene teaches you how to be resilient by going out of your comfort zone and start learning certain hard skills to continue growing your career.

    Speaker: Marlene de Koning (Lead Solutions Consultant at LinkedIn)



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