Here's a quick recap on the Open Source Summit Europe 2018

Spearheaded by The Linux Foundation, the annual Open Source Summit & ELC + OpenIoT Europe 2018 took place in Edinburgh, Scotland last October 22-24.


Also called the Open Source Summit Europe (OSSEU), the event connects developers, architects, tech experts, industry leaders and the open source community to share information, collaborate, and learn about the latest innovations in open source technologies.


The Linux Foundation Executive Director Jim Zemlin said that open source continues to make an impact as over 3,500 participants will attend their conferences this year from Europe, Asia, and North America.


With Linux becoming an important platform for open source, The Linux Foundation has also branched out to multiple platforms such as cybersecurity, cloud computing, blockchain, automotive, and the web, among others.


Beyond The Linux Foundation, open source continues to accelerate with an estimate of 78 million repositories on GitHub today, according to Zemlin.


“Open source is just a critical part of how things get built.” Zemlin said in his opening remark, “The vast majority of actual code in any software product or service continues to be open source.”


He also adds, “When you have organisations/companies be able to take this code, build an Android device, create a web application, make some money off of it, then reinvest—it is the definition of being able to help others while you help yourself, at the same time. And we think that’s really important.”


Here’s what you missed...

This year, the Open Source Summit Europe discussed topics and projects ranging from creating an open source culture within organisations and changing banking through open source to the future of AI and Deep Learning and the parallels between open source and video games, among many great topics.


Below are just some of the many talks by industry leaders and tech experts that joined Open Source Summit Europe this year.


Wanted, 10,000 Developers to Electrify the Planet


With energy as the next big industry that The Linux Foundation will focus on, Shuli Goodman, Executive Director of the Linux Foundation Energy discusses the project’s initiative to “accelerate and transform the world’s relationship to energy” to battle climate change. Will you join her cause?


Watch Goodman’s full talk below:



Building an Open Source Software Culture at Microsoft


Microsoft’s Principle Program Manager Stephen Walli discusses how and why Microsoft started an open source culture across its organisation, which changed Microsoft’s collaboration and ecosystem and embedded open source into its global programs.


Watch Walli’s full talk below:


The Future of AI is Data… In More Ways Than You Think

The rise of Artificial Intelligence resulted in amazing advances in technology such as face recognition and even an app that can detect depression, among many others. According to Eric Berlow, Co-Founder and Chief Science Office of Vibrant Data Inc., AI advancement is due to data. To understand what data can do, Berlow discussed what biased data is, what data challenges they faced, decentralised data marketplaces and more on the possibilities of data.


Watch Berlow’s full talk below:


Bring Your Camera into 2018: the Forward Porting Image Sensor

In the past, The Linux media community developed frameworks and methods for camera driver developers to ease their work. One of these frameworks was the ‘soc_camera’ commonly found in BSPs (Board Support Packages) and non-mainline camera drivers. However, in the incoming Linux kernel releases, the said framework will become obsolete. Presented by Linux software engineer Jacopo Mondi, the talk gave an overview of how to ride a modern video camera driver for Linux, and what to expect from sensor drivers as image capture subsystems in embedded devices continue to increase each year.


Watch Mondi’s full talk below:


The Seven Year Leap - Updating a Product from Linux 2.6 to 4.15, a Real-World

Having worked with BSPs, device drivers, and userspace software for embedded products for Linux and other operating systems, Ed Langley shared how he updated a single purpose OMAP3 based Android device from 2.6.37 to 4.15, as well as the steps, issues, and efforts he made to make the upgrade.


Watch Langley’s full talk below:


Open Source Banking: End Poverty One Line of Code at a Time

What if the critical piece to end global poverty is open source—specifically one line of code at a time? In this amazing talk, Ed Cable, the President and Chief Executive Office of the Mifos Initiative, shares the evolution of their core banking stack, shows the innovations they pioneered, demonstrates its global impact and helps us discover how we can fight poverty through financial inclusion.


Watch Cable’s full talk below:


Aside from these innovative talks, here are more topics and projects presented during the event:

  • Deep Learning in OpenCV by Wu Zhiwen, Intel
  • Large Scale Deployments for Automated Kernel Testing by Dave Pigott, Linaro
  • Strategies for Developing and Deploying your Embedded Applications and Images by Mirza Krak,
  • Uh-oh, It’s I/O Ordering! by Will Deacon, Arm
  • Creating Your Own Tiny Linux Distribution Using Yocto: Keeping it Small with Poky-Tiny by Alejandro Hernandez, Xilinx


Watch all these talks and more in the event’s official YouTube playlist.


Mark your calendars as Open Source Summit Europe 2019 returns on October 28-30, 2019 at Lyon, France!


Before you go, here are some quick snaps during the event. All credits to The Linux Foundation via Flickr


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