Featured UK Startup: Local Fame

UK startups are leading breakthroughs and innovations across different industries, and we’re glad to feature another creative startup contributing to this movement—Local Fame. Built to help businesses successfully establish their online presence and stand out from the competition, Local Fame is a London-based internet marketing agency used by local businesses up to Fortune 500 companies to find more clients online.


Company name: Local Fame Ltd.

Founders: Dani Peleva, Rune Sovndahl, Anton Skarlatov

Based in: London

Launched: 2014


Q: In simple terms, what does your startup do?

Dani: Local Fame is a global digital marketing agency specialising in marketing for the franchise sector. We deliver cross-platform and channel digital marketing services in various marketing verticals such as hospitality, beauty, professional services and more. Local Fame operates globally with clients in the UK, Europe, USA, Australia, Asia and South America.


Q: What problem/s do you seek to solve or help?

Dani: Local Fame helps businesses grow their revenue from online channels. Our services incorporate anything from lead generation, to search engine optimisation and pay-per-click campaigns. We solve the common issue many multi-location businesses have, namely maintaining consistency throughout the network, managing online reputation, as well as facilitating growth through digital channels.

Q: Are you funded, and how?

Dani: We bootstrapped the startup without having to borrow money or raise funding, which helped us achieve steady and organic growth through the years and, most importantly, we didn’t have to give equity away.

Q: What were you doing before you started Local Fame?

Dani: I have a strong background in franchising as my previous employer was a franchisor. I was heading their sales department, later on, moved to marketing and operations and spent most of my time as a brand manager.

Q: What inspired you to start Local Fame?

Dani: Marketing has always been a passion of mine. I had already spent 6-7 years in marketing client-side and knew all the challenges a franchise business faces with their marketing activities cross-country and platforms. The Brand was our holy grail. However, it was extremely difficult to convey the same message through our supply chain; we had a huge network to deal with back in the days. One day it just struck me, there are hundreds of other franchises facing the same challenges, searching for a reliable agency, that not only understands their business model and values but also serves as an extended marketing team of their own. This is how Local Fame was born.


Q: What are your goals over the next five years? Where do you see yourself and Local Fame?

Dani: I am a firm believer of slow and steady-sustained growth, as it predicts lasting business. Many startups bloom quickly and then plateau, or even worse, burst on the market with years of expansion and then decelerate and decline. Short or even long-term bursts mean almost nothing; however, incremental advancement repeated over time does.

My vision for Local Fame is continuous and organic growth. Scaling up while maintaining the same level of exceptional quality of the work, profit margins, and employee and client satisfaction are on the list of short and mid-term goals.


Images courtesy of Local Fame. To learn more, visit the Local Fame website.



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