8 Talks You Missed During The 2018 Big Data Week London

Now on its 7th year, the Big Data Week returned to London last 5 October for a one-day conference gathering data scientists and experts, and data businesses across the globe. This year the event focused on the latest innovations on Advanced Analytics, data visualisation, AI, and IoT projects.


Data experts from top data and tech companies such as VMWare, TUI Group, Bigstep, Satalia, GRSC Group, Data Reply, Experian and 3n Strategy, among many others, discussed topics ranging from handling billions of edges in a graph database to artificial intelligence for marketing, and more.


Using AI For Realistic Speech Generation - The Good News, The Bad News, and The Fake News

Scott Stevenson, Data Scientist and Engineer, ASI Data Science

The topic stems from the idea and issue of technology producing fake news. From the historical context of fake news in the media to demonstrating how technology can create fake news, Stevenson talked about the developments of machine learning on speech generation and the risks and consequences with the technology. Aside from presenting the issue, Stevenson also presented ways to prevent these and how it can be used for good instead.

Digital Determinants of Health

Rachael Donalds, Founder and CEO, Biosay Inc.

This year, Rachael Donalds talks about reducing bias and strategies to increase multi-cultural capability in AI models. She poses the question: “What if we can extend the model of the collaborative economy to a model of collaborative health to start filling in gaps in our health data?” As AI’s role in diagnostic and treatment decision become prominent, she encouraged computer scientists and medical practitioners to closely work on the early stages of the data set design and model training.

Handling Billions of Edges in a Graph Database

Michael Hackstein, Senior Graph Specialist, ArangoDB


Modern graph databases can handle complex data but are still not designed to handle large amounts of it. Graph databases usually reach a vertical or horizontal scalability. In his talk, Hackstein shared an overview of the current approaches and the limits of these graphs in terms of scalability.

Where are You Likely to Go Wrong?

Andrew Stevenson, Global Head of Evangelism and Director of Big Data & Analytics, Atos


Using real-life examples to demonstrate data-driven insights, Stevenson discussed key areas to be aware of when delivering successful projects in this year's Big Data Week London. In his talk, he brought up questions such as “Are you asking the right questions of your data?” and shared some simple tips we could use such as applying common sense to our insights.

Graph Analytics on Big Data

Christos Hadjinikc, Senior ML Engineer, Data Reply UK


In his session, Hadjinikc defined Graph Analytics, discussed its four categories (Path Analytics, Connectivity Analytics, Centrality Analytics, Community Detection Analytics) and talked about how these can be used to drive hypothesis and insights. The session also discussed the development of distributed programming models for frameworks such as Apache Flink and Apache Spark, its challenges and limitations, and how to build scalable solutions of distributed graph analytics.

AI For Marketing - Power Session

Bernardo Nunes, Chief Data Scientist, Growth Tribe


Aside from topics on big data, Big Data Week 2018 also included topics on marketing. Nunes talked about how the influence of AI and machine learning on marketing has businesses using it as a competitive advantage. The session also touched on data analytics, behavioural science and digital channels as a means of predicting consumer behaviour.

Looking East: Analysing the Behaviour of Chinese Players

Ioana Hreninciuc, CEO, GameAnalytics


As the CEO of the most popular analytics tool for game developers, Ioana Hreninciuc returned to Big Data Week and shared their research on the behaviour of Chinese gamers. Gathering data from players across 35 game genres and more than 47,000 different games, she discussed insights on monetisation and engagement for the largest mobile gaming community in the world.

HR and People Analytics Overview, Featuring Experian’s Journey to Advanced Analytics

Nigel Dias, Managing Director, 3n Strategy, HR Analytics ThinkTank
Kevin Dickens, Lead, People Analytics Innovation Lab, Experian


3n Strategy’s Nigel Dias and Experian’s Kevin Dickens gave an overview of how organisations across the globe are using HR and workforce data to make better decisions about their employees. The two speakers also presented insights on advanced case studies from Experian to predict employee behaviour.


Aside from the sessions above, Big Data London 2018 also invited expert speakers including:

  • Andras Palfi (Data Scientist, Bigstep) - How Automation is Changing Data Science and Machine Learning
  • Cosmin Pintoiu (Solution Architect, Bigstep) - From Analytics to Advanced Analytics
  • Daniel Hulme (CEO / Satalia & MSc Director, UCL) - AI and Decentralisation
  • Jen Stirrup (Data Whisperer, Data Relish) - Artificial Intelligence: Winning The Red Queen’s Race
  • Kinnari Ladha (Head of Business Intelligence and Data, TUI Group) - Using Big Data Analytics Strategically to Drive Business Decisions to Improve Customer Experience
  • Dr. Nick Jewell (Director of Product Strategy, Alteryx) - Bridging the gap: Key Lessons to Grow an Advanced Analytics Culture Across Business, Technology and Data Science Teams
  • Parry Malm (CEO and Founder, Phrasee) - An Actual AI Use Case: How Virgin Holidays Made Millions Using AI for Marketing
  • Richard Bennett (Head of Advisory Services Business Solutions, EMEA, VMware) - Big Data of the Future is Providing Context at Scale
  • Shobhit Shukla (Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer, Near) - Harnessing the Power of AI to Bridge the Gap Between Online and Offline World
  • Steve Bradbury (Head of Fraud and Data Division, GRSC Group) - Data Investigation and Visualisation


Big Data Week 2018 will continue to hold more conferences to cities across three continents. Catch their next event on October 20 at São Paulo, Brazil!


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