16 developer podcasts you should be listening to

16 developer podcasts you should be listening to

With hundreds of developer podcasts now available online, it has become rather difficult to choose which one is worth your time. If you’re looking to find a new podcast to listen to or simply want to try it out, then you definitely want to try programming podcasts, which basically are.


Programming podcasts are developer podcasts or podcasts for anyone who would be interested in programming, software engineering, web development, software development and just interested in learning to code. If you want to build great software for your startup business, then listen to any software engineering radio and programming podcasts. You can learn something new from these programming podcasts and software engineering radio like the ones that Adam Wathan has been hosting. This basically talks about software development, product development, product design and even user experience to a particular system or unit. Listening to programming podcasts can give you a wide range of topics like programming languages, front end development, software development and user experience.


We’ve rounded up some of the best and divided them into three categories: general interest, mobile development, and .NET and Microsoft technologies. From the latest tech news and inspirational interviews to coding podcasts for beginners and tech experts, here are 18 developer podcasts and software engineering radio that you should be listening to.


General Interest

Away from the KeyBoard

Listen to stories from different technologists about their beginnings, their learnings and growth, and how they relax away from their keyboards. Join software developers and hosts Cecil Phillip and Richie Rump every Tuesday as they gain insights from the lives of dedicated and inspiring software engineering guests.


Listen to their software e engineering radio at


Developer on Fire

Get to know inspiring and successful software engineering and tech professionals behind the code in Developer on Fire. Their programming podcasts feature a range of professionals, from Microsoft MVPs to business leaders, as they touch on topics such as functional programming, web development and cultural expectations. They also cover light topics on how to create good experiences and take breaks. Catch new episodes of the most enticing programming podcasts every Monday and Thursday with host Dave Rael.


Listen to their software engineering radio at


Developer Tea

If you barely have the time to listen to podcasts, then Developer Tea is designed by Spec to fit right within your tea (or coffee) break. With their 10-minute episodes, Developer Tea is one of the best shorts yet insightful programming podcasts to listen to. This programming podcast was created to help software developers and engineers learn about a wide variety of topics on software engineering. Developer Tea also helps them gain clarity, perspective and purpose through their short but full of high value content that software developers would love to hear. You can join more than 4,000 community members as you feed your mind a few minutes a day every week in Developer Tea. 


Developer Tea does not only talks about user experience, hardcore programming or software engineering topics but it also talks about more in-depth topics that every software developer could relate to. Developer Tea is not just your average programming podcast as it tackles life, pandemic, post-pandemic and a wide variety of topics.


Listen at


Full Stack Radio

Full Stack Radio is a great developer podcast for those who love to build software products. There are a lot of things that you can learn from Full Stack Radio. You can start learning about building an app in just a week, building React apps with Next.js, and even securing single page applications. You can definitely enjoy Full Stack radio for the various topics they cover about software engineering daily. That would surely get hardcore software developers excited. Listen to an hour of programming podcasts in Full Stack radio with selected guests and hosted by Adam Wathan.


Listen to Full Stack Radio for software engineering daily at hosted by Adam Wathan.


Programming Throwdown

One of the more popular developer podcasts out there, Programming Throwdown invites select guests and discusses a variety of topics from Reactive programming to teaching kids to code. The podcast doesn’t regularly update, but you can browse through over 80 episodes about programming on their site.


Listen at


The Changelog

Producing one of the best and most influential podcasts for developers, The Changelog puts the spotlight on the people and tech of open source. Listen to hosts Adam Stacoviak and Jerod Santo every week as they cover topics on web development from JavaScript and CSS to Ruby and node.js, as well as a wide range of development tools.


Listen at


The Testing Show

Combined with the latest news and trends, analysis, and audience feedback, The Testing Show provides discussions on anything related to software testing. Building great testing teams and usable metrics are just some of the topics the show talks about. Catch a new episode every two weeks.


Listen at



Another short podcast by Spec, Toolsday gives its listeners updates on the latest tech tools as well as relevant tips and tricks every week. From CSS Blocks to Webpack 2, developers are sure to learn about the latest and upcoming tools from this podcast.


Listen at



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Mobile Development

Android Developers Backstage

Hosted by Android developers Tor, Romain, and Chet from the Android engineering team, it’s a great podcast to listen to for Android developers. They tackle the latest innovations on the platform and provide insights from other Android developers and tech professionals. The podcast covers a range of Android topics from rendering to Bluetooth as well as in-depth interviews and discussions with Google’s Android team.


Listen at


App Masters

Listen and learn from top mobile app developers as they share their insights, tips, and tricks on building mobile applications and starting their mobile app business. App Masters also covers topics from mobile game development to mobile marketing and shares helpful advice on how businesses can sell their mobile apps for the best value and increase sales and retention of casual mobile games.


Listen at



Listen to a weekly group discussion about all things iOS with iPhreaks. Hear what development veterans have to say about the latest Apple innovations as they analyse the updates on the platform from features to tools and best practices on iOS coding.


Listen at


React Native Radio

This podcast site can be considered a heaven for all React Native fans and enthusiasts. With a panel and a guest speaker, React Native Radio discusses a wide variety of topics, such as building VR & ARand creating IOT applications with React Native. Get your weekly fix on the latest techniques, technologies and tools to build mobile apps using the framework.


Listen at


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.NET and Microsoft

.NET Rocks

One of the popular developer podcasts for .NET developers, this long-running weekly talk show by Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell features discussions related to the Microsoft .NET platform. From basics to hardcore .NET geekiness, developers of all levels are sure to find something of their interest from the podcasts.


Listen at



CodingBlocks is a great resource for developers looking for podcasts on the best programming practices, data structures, graph algorithms, design patterns, database design, .NET tips and tricks, and more. .NET beginners and experts alike will surely find the podcast they need to sharpen their skills and become a better software developer.


Listen at



Produced by programmer and teacher Scott Hanselman, Hanselminutes features interviews and discussions from tech professionals and business leaders on all things tech. Just some of their previous big-name guests were Nithya Ruff, head of Comcast’s Open Source Office, Eileen Uchitelle, Senior Systems Engineer at GitHub, and Mark Rendle, author of a number of open source projects.


Listen at


MS Dev Show

MS Dev Show invites guests to their podcasts to talk about all things Microsoft. From Azure cloud, Windows, Visual Studio, and Microsoft and progressive web apps, MS Dev Show has got you covered on all the latest Microsoft news and development.


Listen at


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