Places to Go When You Want to Take a (Quick) Break

At one point or another, we’ve all felt drained and too tired to keep working. Maybe the workload for the week was overwhelming, or maybe another drama started at the office. It happens. So, to cope with it, we look for ways to relieve stress in whatever way we can.

Sometimes, staying at home to rest and sleep doesn’t do the trick; we then find ourselves wanting to get away, or spend some time elsewhere, just to disconnect even just for a day or two. While it’s hard to sneak in a time to recharge and relax in the midst of our fast-paced lives today, fortunately, there are places in Manila that offer that much-desired break, even just for a while.



Address: Alviera Subdivision, Sapang UWAK Road, Bayan ng Porac, Pampanga


If you prefer to sweat it out and take on outdoor activities to relieve stress, then Sandbox is your must-go destination. Sandbox has been popular for the past years now, but if you still haven’t visited it, then you should schedule your trip soon! The two-hectare adventure destination is full of exciting and thrilling outdoor attractions that you can enjoy with your family or friends, allowing you to leave all your worries behind.

Ball Pit Manila

Address: Campos Rueda Building, 101 Urban Ave., Makati


For those who want to forget the worries and stress of the adulting life: here’s a quick solution. Ball Pit Manila is the place where you can be a kid once again—after all, it’s a massive playground built especially for the grownups! Have fun, laugh, and lose yourself in the giant ball pit, just like the good ol’ times.

Jump Yard

Address: Frontera Verde, C5 Ortigas Avenue Corner, Pasig


Jump all your stress away! As its name suggests, Jump Yard is one huge trampoline-packed play area for people of all ages. They have trampolines for playing Dodgeball and Basketball, and they also have other amenities you can enjoy such as the Open Jump Trampoline, Foam Pit, Wall Climb, Balance Beams, Swinging Foam Bags, and more. If you look at it, jumping is not only a fun way to relieve stress, it’s healthy too. Another reason to check out the place!



Carousel Creamery

Address: 8 Missouri St., Greenhills, San Juan, Manila

For some, there’s no other way to relieve stress better than indulging in dessertsand if you’re one of those people, Carousel Creamery could be your next sweet escape. Carousel Creamery offers 101 flavors (yes, 101) PLUS crazy creations like Bacon and Cheese, Beer and Chicharon, and Double Shot Espresso Chip that you and your friends can enjoy. It’s all about laughs and talks over desserts in this ice cream wonderland.

Laruan Atbp. Cafe

Address: 1F Luisa Bldg. 2, 107 Maginhawa Street, Teacher’s Village, Quezon City

Laruan Atbp. Cafe is surely the place to go for the people who enjoy board games and comic books. Located in Quezon City, this cafe lets you enjoy good food and drinks, as well as catching up with your old friends over board games. Here’s a plus: they also invite up-and-coming as well as our all-time favorite bands to play live music, so you can be sure you’re always up for a good time at Laruan Atbp. Cafe.

Uke Box Caffé

Address: Manhattan Parkview, Araneta Center, Quezon City

Uke Box Caffé might be a cafe, but the services they offer go beyond serving good food. They also offer free ukulele lessons for those who are interested, as well as open mic nights where customers can go ahead and grab the spotlight. It’s all of the things combined—the good food, the chill vibe, the music, and the awesome display of ukulele guitarsthat makes Uke Box Caffé a great place to unwind.



Secret Fresh

Address: G/F RONAC Art Center, Ortigas Ave., Greenhills, San Juan, Manila

Previously known as Freshmanila, Secret Fresh is the place you might want to visit if you’re the type who enjoys trips to art exhibitions and toy showcases. Secret Fresh is the premiere artist vinyl toy shop in the country, inviting local and foreign artists for collaborations on limited edition art toys and prints.


Pintô Art Museum

Address: 1 Sierra Madre St. Grand Heights Rd, Antipolo, Rizal


You might have seen or heard of Pintô Art Museum from your friends who have been there, but the experience is a hundred times better when you’ve seen the place yourself. Pintô Art Museum is a private museum exhibiting Philippine contemporary artwith a collection of more than 200 works of sculptures, paintings, and installations. There is also a two-hectare garden complex called Silangan Gardens surrounding the museum, which makes your museum trip all the more scenic.

Sip and Gogh

Main branch: 2/F 429 Sumulong Highway, Brgy. San Isidro, Cainta, Rizal


For those who love to paint, Sip and Gogh is a great choice to recharge. With one main branch in Rizal and five others (Ayala Heights, Eastwood, Kapitolyo, Alabang, and Century Mall) Sip and Gogh has got all the materials you need to paint: from canvas, paints, brushes, palette, easel, and apron. All you have to do is bring your creativity and enthusiasm, and enjoy your favorite beverage!


To cap it all off: there are now loads of ways and places for every one of us to recharge our batteries. As human beings, we all get tired and we all get stressed. That’s fine, and that’s natural. If you’re feeling like you’re drained up, you can always take a break to refresh yourself and rekindle that fire within you. At the end of the day, what matters most is that you get back up and start running again. You’ve still got a race to finish!

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