10 Must-Have Fitness Apps (Part 1: Let's Get Moving!)

Office lifestyles often include deathly hours of sitting at a desk, passing chocolates or candies around to munch on, and even consuming caffeine on a daily basis. And more often than not, we are aware of how this affects our health so we try to find ways to stay healthy and fit.


Thanks to technology, the answer is now just right in our hands. Whether you want a personal trainer, fitness tracker or meal planner, there’s probably an app out there for your needs. In this two-part blog series, we list down the apps that we think might help you in your fitness journey.


In no particular order, here are 10 apps that will surely help you with your workouts and exercise. Now let’s get moving!


Google Fit - Fitness Tracking

If you want to keep track of all your fitness statistics and progress without opening different apps, then you might want to check out Google Fit. Google Fit compiles all your info and progress from fitness apps and devices you use into one convenient dashboard.


Google Fit lets you track all your activities for the day. Your phone or Android Wear smartwatch automatically logs your activity with Google Fit, whether you walk, run, or cycle. The app gives you instant insights and real-time statistics of your activities so you can stay on track and motivated. You can also set goals based on steps, time, distance, and calories burned with Google Fit, allowing you to easily see your goals and help you reach them. On top of this, you also receive personalized recommendations and coaching. You can view your data on the Google Fit website.


If you use other fitness apps or devices, Google Fit also aggregates info from those apps and devices to track your fitness, nutrition, sleep, and weight. Compatible apps and devices include Android Wear, Nike+, Runkeeper, Strava, MyFitnessPal, Lifesum, Basis, Sleep as Android, Withings, and Xiaomi Mi bands.


Unfortunately, the app is only available on Android as of now. Google, however, hinted that it might be open to that idea in the future; that is, if Apple allows it.


Download the app here.



With over 5 million registered users, JEFIT is a popular gym workout app available in both Android and iOS devices. JEFIT has a large exercise database and thousands of free full-week workout routines, along with an easy workout logging mechanism allowing you to manage and keep track of your workout progress easily. The app also has an offline support, allowing you to sync data to the server once you have internet connection.

Features include:

  • Workout timer for interval training
  • Ability to adjust rest time for different exercises
  • A large database of over 1300 exercises
  • Includes different exercise types (common gym exercises, weight lifting workouts, bodyweight workouts, Olympic style workouts)
  • Ability to create custom exercises
  • Downloadable 3500+ full week workout plans built by experts
  • Body progress tracker to track your body part’s stats progress
  • Active and supportive workout community with millions of gym goers, weightlifters and bodybuilders  


JEFIT is free to download, but you also have the option to pay for an Elite status which costs $4.99 per month or $39.99 per year. With your Elite status, you get training and progress reports, workout summaries, premium workout routines, unlimited workout routine downloading and stories, and an ad-free experience on the JEFIT Website.


Download the app here: Android | iOS


Calorie Counter - MyFitnessPal

Although its main purpose is to help you keep track of your diet, MyFitnessPal (also sometimes referred to as MFP) also has features to help you log your exercises and steps. If you’re looking to lose weight, tone your body, get healthy, change your habits, or start a new diet, MyFitnessPal has got you covered. Signing up is free!


See how MyFitnessPal works in this video:

MyFitnessPal started as a website that Mike Lee created to help him and his then-fiance lose weight. While they were consulting fitness trainers to help them lose weight, they were given a book listing all the nutritional foods they should eat as well as a pad of paper where they should write their calorie intake. Lee decided that there had to be a better way and after finding no solution, he built his own website which was My Fitness Pal online.  


Now, MyFitnessPal is one of the world’s most popular health and fitness apps. It has the biggest food database of over 6 million foods, including global items and cuisines. The app also allows you to connect with other fitness apps and devices including Fitbit, Jawbone UP, Garmin, MapMyFitness, Runkeeper, Strava, Runtastic, Misfit, Withings, HealthKit, UA Record, and more.


MyFitnessPal is free to download, but you can also avail of the Monthly Premium and Yearly Premium subscriptions for an ad-free experience.


Download the app here: Android | iOS



Freeletics is a series of apps offering free exercise and workout ideas, routines, support and explanations for both men and women. Whatever need you have, Freeletics has the app for you: Freeletics Bodyweight, Freeletics Gym, Freeletics Nutrition and Freeletics Running.

Freeletics Bodyweight

Freeletics Bodyweight, as its name suggests, offers effective fitness training programs and workouts based on bodyweight only. You can work out anywhere, anytime, without needing any equipment to finish the workout.


Freeletics Gym

Freeletics Gym is the app you might want to try if you want to get the most out of your gym. Adapted to your fitness level, Freeletics Gym has four training variations from which you can choose from: Strength, Conditioning and Rowing workouts and Challenges.


Freeletics Nutrition

Freeletics Nutrition helps you reach your goal, whether you want to shed some pounds or gain mass. Freeletics Nutrition adapts to your diet and prepares individualized nutrition plans based on your goals and preference. With a free subscription, you can access a selected pool of recipes; with a paid Freeletics Nutrition Coach you can get individualized nutritional plans, intelligent digital coaching, unlimited access to diverse and seasonal recipes, and many other features.


Freeletics Running

Freeletics Running not only tracks your runs but also “motivates you and enables you to become confident, fit and healthy.” The app offers workouts based on interval running and distances, as well as audio cues and vibration features so you can focus on your run. Freeletics Running also lets you share your running experience on Facebook and Instagram with its customisable social sharing feature. 


All three appsFreeletics Bodyweight, Freeletics Gym, and Freeletics Runningoffer some exercise plans for free, but you can also pay for a “Training Coach” monthly or yearly. The Training Coach builds an exercise plan personalized for you based on your current fitness level. Once you paid for a Training Coach, you get access to all Freeletics Training Coaches.


Download the app here: Android | iOS



With over 25 million users, Sworkit is one of the smartest workout apps in the world, letting you choose what kind of workout you want to do and how much time you have to do it. The 6-week workout programs are classified according to the goal you want to achieve, whether you want to be leaner, fitter, or stronger. On top of that, Sworkit has a huge database of bodyweight exercises, providing you with a wide variety of workouts you can do anywhere, even while travelling or while at the office.


Sworkit lets you make your own workout routine, so you can make one with all your favourite exercises for extra motivation. Sworkit is a free app, but it includes an option to avail a Sworkit Premium subscription through a payment scheme of your choice.


Download the app here: Android | iOS


Yoga Studio: Mind & Body

Named as one of Google’s Best Self-Improvement Apps of 2016, Yoga Studio offers easy-to-follow HD video yoga classes with full teacher commentary for yoga lovers of all levels and abilities. 


Yoga Studio lets you play, create, customize and schedule video yoga classes according to your preference. There are different classes for strength, flexibility, relaxation, balance, or a combination of all four ranging from 10 to 60 minutes each. You can also download classes so you can play them anytime, anywhere.


Here are some more features:

  • Browse over 280 poses with vivid images and detailed information
  • Create your own flowing HD video classes with video stitch technology
  • Schedule classes which automatically sync with your calendar
  • Track your class history and easily find your most recent and most played classes
  • Choose from several background music and ambient sound options, or play music from other apps

Some of Yoga Studio’s content can be accessed for free, but there are also three plans to get the same full access: a monthly subscription of $1.99, quarterly subscription of $4.99 and a yearly subscription of $19.99. 


Download the app here: Android | iOS


Zombies, Run!

Zombies, Run! is quite different from the apps in this list since it does not offer workout programs or routines. Instead, it lets you become the protagonist of your own zombie adventure story. Zombies, Run! is an ultra-immersive running game and audio adventure wherein you literally have to run to save yourself from the zombies.


Get a taste of the adventure in this video:


Zombies, Run! works anywhere and at any speed, so you can jog, run, or walk. The app also works on treadmills.


You can play the first four missions for free; afterwards, you unlock one mission each week. You can also unlock all 200+ story missions immediately for unlimited play by availing Zombies, Run! Pro for $3.99/month or $24.99/year.


Download the app here: Android | iOS


Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club, “Your Personal Trainer”, offers 160+ free workouts from strength and endurance to mobility and yoga. What sets this app apart is its world-class Nike Master Trainers guiding you through every drill.


Know more about Nike Training Club in this video:


Nike Training Club has a wide workout library which includes Boxing, Yoga, as well as Strength, Endurance, and Mobility workouts. Whatever level you are in, Nike Training Club has workouts tailored depending on your abilities. The workouts range from 15 to 45 minutes, so you are sure to find a workout you can include in your day.


Another interesting feature of this app is its athlete-inspired workouts. Here you can find workouts inspired by Michael Jordan, Cristiano Ronaldo, Serena Williams, Kevin Hart, Kyrie Irving, Rory McIlroy, and many others.


Download the app here: Android | iOS


7 Minute Workout

If you’re looking for ways to successfully include workouts in your tight schedule, then this app might do the trick for you. The workouts only take 7 minutes to finish, so you can finish a quick workout anytime, anywhere. New York Times highlighted this 7-minute workout as offering “maximum results with minimum investment.”


7 Minute Workout offers workouts consisting of only 12 exercises to be done for 30 seconds, with 10-second breaks between each exercise. There is no equipment needed to finish the workout; all you need is a chair and a wall.


In its latest update, 7 Minute Workout now supports Google Fit as well.


Download the app here.


30 Day Fitness Challenge - Workout at Home

Designed by a professional fitness coach, 30 Day Fitness Challenge helps you achieve your dream body as you stick to daily workouts in 30 days. You can find the right workout for you from the three difficulty levels. As you continue your streak, the app increases the exercise intensity step-by-step to improve your fitness and health.




30 Day Fitness Challenge offers detailed video guides to help you do the workout. It also reminds you to workout every day so you can stick with the program. You don’t need to go to the gym and you don’t need any equipment to finish the workouts. Just use your bodyweight and take a few minutes a day to continue your streak.


Download the app here: Android | iOS

We’re listing down apps to help you count those calories and stick to your diet next. Check out Part 2 of our Must-Have Fitness Apps series here!



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