These are the reasons why you should outsource

Despite the benefits of outsourcing, it’s still a big move to outsource a function or two to an outside party. How do you know when you should take the leap? Check out these signs and see if any applies to your situation:


1: You need to save money

Hiring outsourced workers is relatively cheap. The primary reason why businesses choose to outsource is that it helps them cut on costs; the labour costs are significantly lower in other parts of the world, and businesses can also save up on overhead costs.


Once you sign with a reliable outsourcing agency, the agency not only helps you find the talent you need, they also provide your outsourced workers with the necessary equipment, the trainings, the workspace, as well as the benefits and perks. The agency also manages your outsourced workers on-site, allowing you to focus on tasks important to your business’ growth.


Outsourcing is extremely helpful to newly-opened businesses, or those struggling with finances as well. Founders don’t need to insist on hiring an in-house talent to start operations, because outsourcing provides a cost-effective solution. If you’re in the same situation, you can outsource some functions during your business’ first days and move them in-house later on when you’re financially capable.


2: You struggle to hire professionals

It is not uncommon for startups to encounter hiring problems. Oftentimes companies have a hard time recruiting the talent they need and hiring process can drag on for weeks and months without results.


If your vacancy remains unfilled for longer than usual, maybe it’s time to outsource. The competition for talent is becoming increasingly fierce, especially for those in the tech industry. It can be difficult and time-consuming for smaller firms and businesses to find the talent they need. Fortunately, outsourcing provides a great alternative: it gives these firms and businesses access to global talent.


Here are some benefits of outsourcing: one, you gain access to a wider pool of experts outside your country. Two, you can find the talent you need and start working with them in as fast as two weeks. Lastly, your outsourcing partner manages your outsourced workers on-site, so you’re assured that they’re taken care of.


3: You need a great website

The website has become every business’ point of contact with the world. It’s the “face” people see that gives them an idea of what your business is or what you do, so it’s important to build a good first impression attract potential clients.


A web development team can be extremely helpful in building a quality website for your business. However, it can take too long to gather the individuals who meet your requirements to build this team. Outsourcing your development can be the smartest way to go, especially if you’re pressed for time.


Aside from helping you build a development team in as fast as two weeks, outsourcing service providers also help you scale a team quickly and painlessly, should your project require it.

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4: You don’t (or can’t) take care of your staff

All employees need continuous training for them to upgrade their skills, this is especially true with IT staff. The developments in technology today as well as the changing business scene requires all staff to constantly improve their skills. Investing time, money and effort in your staff’s training not only benefits them as individuals but also as valuable contributors to your business.


However, if you’re having a difficult time properly training your staff, it may be best to outsource the functions they hold to a company specialising in that area.


With a reliable outsourcing company, you’re assured that you are hiring the services of experts in a certain field. These outsourcing companies stay updated with the developments and new technologies in their respective fields, and they also take the best training available.


5: You have a short-term project

If you have a special project requiring a specialised talent for only a short period of time, then it will be wiser and more cost-efficient to outsource than to hire.


What’s great about outsourcing is the flexibility that it gives to you as a client. With outsourcing, you work with experts only when you need them. You pay them in exchange for their services and after the project is done, there is no obligation on both sides to move forward working with each other.


This is a cost-efficient solution especially if you don’t regularly need such service. It will be costly and time-consuming to hire an in-house worker to do it.


6: You need a team, not just one person

Reliable outsourcing service providers help their clients with whatever staff size they may need. Their services aren’t limited to supplying you with one worker. Outsourcing providers are also able to help you build a large team, as they have extensive databases of experts in their countries.


Hiring a big staff is easier and faster with outsourcing because providers can source CVs which pass your requirements from their database. In case you are not satisfied with the outsourced talent’s service, or you want another talent to help him, providers can quickly attend to your needs.


7: Your ideas remain ideas

Ideas are instrumental in a company’s growth. In order to keep growing, a company needs to continuously come up with new ideas to answer the changing needs of their clients.


In order for an idea to be realised, it needs resources, effort, and a team behind it. But you could be struggling in those areas.


If you are, then it’s another sign that you should start considering outsourcing. Through outsourcing, you can either get the expert help you can get, or free up the core employees who are stuck in repetitive tasks so they can join you in turning that idea into reality.


Remember, you can have loads of brilliant ideas for new products and new services, but without the team to help you do it and the time to work on them, you won’t progress.


8: You’re wasting time and resources on tasks you don’t like

During the first days of your business, you probably had to wear many hats at the same time. It happens. However, when your business starts to grow, and you still find yourself stuck with the same taskswhich are out of your expertiseit will become unproductive for you and your business if you keep holding on to them.


It’s time to let go.


Stop wasting your time and resources on something which is out of your speciality. With this, you can avoid burnout and exhaustion from tasks which aren’t directly connected to your business’ growth. Once you outsource those tasks to an outsourcing company, you free yourself from added stress, and you allow yourself to focus on your business.





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