Is Partnering with an IT Outsourcing Service Provider a Good Business Move?

Companies who have sent business processes to outsourced staff found partnering with an IT outsourcing service provider to be a smart, fast, and effective way to find remote staff for their IT solutions. With this, partnerships between IT service providers and business’ have increased throughout the years from $45.6 million in 2000 to $85.6 in 2018 million, according to Statista.


Although outsourcing has become popular, many still question whether a remote team can be up to par with an in-house staff, especially due to the geographical distance and the issues that come with it. To address such concerns, IT outsourcing service providers have studied and implemented methods through the years to bridge the gap and ensure that your team’s performance runs smoothly despite the distance.


Here are the top reasons why partnering with an IT outsourcing service provider could be the right move for your business.

They lessen risks by keeping an eye on your team for you


Managing your remote team can be challenging and somewhat risky because you and your team are not in the same physical workspace. Outsourcing can help moderate risk exposure as your service provider will share the responsibility with your company. Providing your staff with a support team ensures that your remote team will be well-managed and looked after.


An IT outsourcing service provider will be able to report and oversee your team members’ day-to-day progress in all stages of the project. Your service provider will essentially act as a middleman and liaison between you and your remote team—making sure that both ends are satisfied and on the same page.


They handle all the paperwork for you 


As mentioned earlier, there are several things that you won’t be able to oversee when working with remote staff. IT outsourcing service providers can help you in this area by handling the paperwork and all admin-related matters for you, from payroll to health benefits, so you can focus more on critical tasks.


This is one of the most valuable benefits of working with an IT outsourcing service provider. They enable you to concentrate on working with your dedicated IT developers so you can further improve your project. You get to focus on what you do best without having to worry about admin work and other HR concerns for your remote team.

They help control your finances without compromising your project’s result


One of the main reasons businesses opt for outsourcing is its cost-effectiveness. As living expenses and labour costs are much lower in other countries, hiring qualified remote professionals will be much more affordable for you.


You no longer need to worry about compromising work quality due to the price tag. As IT outsourcing service providers have access to a large pool of IT talent in offshore countries, hiring skilled IT developer would not be a problem—you get to select the right IT talent yourself.


According to a study by ROI consultancy Alinean, an average of 6.9% of revenue goes to IT. With this amount, hiring qualified IT talent is crucial. With IT service providers they are able to customise financial solutions for your business’ needs, finding ways to cater to your IT requirements and making sure that the money spent won’t go to waste.


They provide proactive solutions for you 


An IT outsourcing service provider will be well-equipped to find the solutions for you in case a problem arises. With their years of experience in the services industry, a dedicated service provider can help you identify potential issues and prevent them from escalating, saving you from expensive repairs and most importantly, disrupting your project’s operations and progress.


If you’re looking to expand your business’ IT operations and are in need of some guidance, partnering up with an IT outsourcing service provider can be the perfect solution.

They help level the playing field for you


According to RightScale, 32% of business leaders cite a lack of knowledge as their biggest challenge when it comes to utilising the cloud. To provide your company with the right technical solutions that will scale your development project, it is important to have the expertise of an IT service provider. Their knowledge and experience with the IT industry help you get the right professional advice, especially regarding the right tools to use.


As top tech companies typically have in-house support with a team of full-time IT professionals, competing with them as a small to medium-sized business is often a struggle. Partnering up with an IT outsourcing service provider helps these smaller businesses get rid of the common limitations and struggles in hiring tech talents; IT outsourcing companies provide startups and SMEs with the expertise and insights they need to scale in a fast and cost-effective manner. With them, your business will be able to level the playing field between you and your competitors.



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