10 Reasons Why You Should Hire Java Developers Offshore

The demand to hire Java developers has been at a relatively steady rate for the past two decades since its release. In fact, in a 2019 Developer survey published by Stack Overflow, Java ranks fifth as one of the most popular technologies used for developers and programmers—even with the arrival of newer and more modern technologies.

Even in 2017, an article by Coding Dojo sited that in 2018 Java is still one of the most in-demand programming languages. In the same year, Indeed ranked Java as number one with the highest job posting from top programming languages.

However, with Java’s steady popularity, the demand for skilled Java developers remains high, and some countries face the challenge of tech talent shortages. The competition to hire the best Java developers to become more cutthroat; as a result, the recruitment process becomes lengthy and more costly.

This is why some businesses opt to outsource their Java development needs. Aside from that, here are other reasons to hire Java developers offshore.

1. Gain access to a large pool of experienced developers

When you hire Java developers offshore, you get to tap a large pool of tech talents. Outsourcing companies can offer you a shortlist of experienced tech talents who meet your recruitment specifications from their extensive talent pool.

What’s great about hiring an offshore staff is that your experienced remote Java team can immediately start focusing on your project without the need for further training. They can even offer suggestions and recommendations based on their industry experience and speciality that can ultimately lead to cost savings, increased efficiency, and improved security and better usability for your product.

2. Gain highly-technical abilities at cost-effective rates

There are key abilities that Java developers must possess to fully utilise the programming language. When you hire Java developers, it’s smarter to vet and choose those who have foundational knowledge and technical abilities in Java. Here are key concepts that every experienced Java developer should know:


  • The Java ecosystem
  • Object-oriented programming
  • Concurrency and multithreading
  • The intricacies of SQL queries
  • Data structures and collections
  • Cache coherence and fence instructions
  • JVM (Java Virtual Machine) and memory management
  • Classloading
  • Optimising garbage collection



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3. Obtain access to industry-specific specialisations

For the past twenty years, Java has been a popular programming language which is used to build reliable and secure applications for various industries. Aside from the IT industry, here are just some of the industries that mostly use Java:


  • Retail & eCommerce
  • Education & e-Learning
  • Banking & Finance
  • Hospitality
  • Healthcare

When you hire Java developers offshore, creating a specialised remote Java team is easier. You can find Java developers who specialise in the language and have the experience to develop Java applications that are industry-specific.

4. Scale according to your Java development project

Another advantage of hiring Java developers offshore is that you are able to scale your Java team accordingly. Every project has its respective requirements, including the kind of Java development project you’re going to undergo as well as your project’s unique technical specifications.

To make the process of scaling your offshore Java team easier, here’s a list of Java solutions to help you identify which category your Java development project falls under:


  • Java Web Development
  • Java Product Development
  • Custom Java Application Development
  • Java Games Development
  • Java Maintenance and Support
  • Java App Upgrade and Migration
  • Java System Integration



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5. Adapt to various Java frameworks and technologies

As a programming language, Java is used for developing a wide range of mobile and web applications. The Java developers that are in your remote team are knowledgeable with the broad variety of Java’s frameworks and tools.

That said, here are a few of Java’s Virtual Machine that you and your Java developers will possibly use in your project:

Clojure is a dialect of Lisp—a family of programming languages with a history of distinct, fully parenthesised prefix notation—used on a Java platform. It treats code as data and utilises Lisp as a macro system.

Apache Groovy has static-typing and static compilation capabilities used on the Java platform. It has an easy-to-learn, concise and familiar syntax that developers use.

JRuby is a Java implementation of Ruby interpreter. JRuby is already integrated with the Java platform, but it has the popular characteristics of Ruby. Ruby is a general-purpose programming language that supports multiple programming paradigms such as procedural, object-oriented and functional programming.

Here are frameworks that members of your Java team have likely used before:

Spring Boot is a new framework from Pivotal—a San Francisco-based software and services company—that simplified bootstrapping and the development of new Spring applications

Spring Cloud is another collection of tools from Pivotal that provides solutions to common problems that developers often encounter when building distributed systems.

Apache Spark is an in-memory data processing engine. It delivers distributed data processing that’s well-suited in a lot of situations.

And lastly, here are Java development tools that every Java developer must include their tool “belt”:

Git is a distributed version control system that tracks the changes in the source code throughout the development.

Docker is a tool that utilises containers to create, deploy, and run applications with ease. It’s used to automate application deployment as compact, self-sufficient containers that can either run on-premises or in the cloud.

Selenium WebDriver is a set of tools that automate web browser activities across platforms.

Jenkins is written in Java and functions as an automation server.

6. Gain access to the latest techs

IT outsourcing companies are usually updated on the latest tech trends. As such, developers from these companies are likely to have already studied and learned the latest languages, frameworks, and development tools to better the service they can offer to your business. In addition, with this knowledge and experience, your remote Java team can even recommend tools or processes that are better suited for your project.

7. Gain team members who are active problem-solvers

You can expect excellent problem-solving skills from Java developers you hire with IT outsourcing companies because they have been exposed to varied challenges.

Your offshore staff are likely to be more experienced from working with different clients in different industries. This means that they have tackled similar problems that your Java development project will possibly encounter along the road; with such experience, they have become proficient in solving problems practically.



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8. Reduce your time to market

Businesses recognise that, aside from quality, speed is key to maintaining a competitive advantage against competition. When you hire Java developers offshore, you are able to find the talent you need in as fast as two weeks—compared to hiring full-time employees locally which normally take months. Moreover, a collaboration between your remote team and your in-house staff will significantly speed up the process to launch your product.

Your offshore Java developers enable you to have a dedicated team that is focused on your project’s development and a streamlined timeline up to its launch.

9. Accommodate during peak demand

Regardless of whatever industry you are in, there are peak loads when demand is high, and your business tries to accommodate these demands accordingly.

There are two ways businesses usually adapt during peak loads:

First, businesses re-distribute available in-house resources to operations and processes to answer the demands during peak loads. With this, the in-house staff is usually stretched thin, and they often hold responsibilities that aren’t within their expertise.

Second, another way these businesses adapt is to hire new employees to avoid straining their in-house staff.

Either of these results in higher costs and an eventual decrease in efficiency once the peak loads ebb.

When you hire Java developers, you’re able to solve two problems with one solution. You’re able to address the demands during peak periods without resorting to the two methods mentioned above. Having an offshore Java team is a cost-efficient option that helps balance your business’ workload and increase efficiency without the commitment similar to hiring new in-house staff.

10. Focus on core business processes

When you hire Java developers offshore, you get to prioritise important business processes to further propel your businesses. Especially for SMEs that are stretched thin, opting to hire an offshore Java team for their development projects lightens the load on their in-house staff.



Java is a programming language that has been a staple for more than twenty years. Businesses across industries use Java to develop applications that help digitalise and automate their business processes, while other businesses use Java to create applications as their products.

Either way, Java is reliable. That is why there is still a steady demand for developers who are well-versed in the programming language. And although its ranking and statistics have fluctuated according to published articles, the demand for it won’t seem to diminish in the near future.




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